How are memes at the forefront of digital marketing?

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella diagnosed a core issue with our modern world: “...the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention.” So how do digital marketers, whose primary job is to grab eyeballs and hold human attention, circumvent this problem? 

You only have to look up Dave Chapelle’s meme to know the answer: “Modern problems require modern solutions.” And the modern solution for digital marketers is: Memes! 

If you want to leave a mark in your career in digital marketing, you must know the ins and outs of meme marketing. Read on to establish your footing in the digital marketing space by harnessing the power of memes. 

What is Meme Marketing?

Memes are everywhere! Whether it’s the Disaster Girl, the Distracted Boyfriend, or Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme- you have definitely seen, shared or been sent these memes. But what are memes?

The phrase ‘meme’ was initially used by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book, ‘The Selfish Gene,’ published in 1976. The author simply saw memes as the counterpart of genes in the cultural domain: a “unit of cultural transmission.” 

Today, memes mean any content (images, GIFs, videos, texts) that is humorous and spreads online, often with slight variations. Memes have taken over the digital marketing space by storm, and how! From box office clashes of mega-budget movies and rebranding of social networking giants to people’s movements, memes have taken over our screens (and lives).

Marketers have also realised that getting on the bandwagon is the best way to leverage meme power to increase the reach and popularity of brands. Meme marketing is a form of viral marketing to spread a brand’s narrative through memes. Through meme marketing, brands can combine value, quick consumption, and humour through social media to increase visibility and organic engagement. 

A career in digital marketing necessitates you have your meme game on. Don’t become archaic. Here’s what makes meme marketing essential.

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Why You Need Meme Marketing?

Meme marketing as a digital marketing strategy is marketing gold. The biggest brands have come to play, and here’s why.

Easy to create:

Memes are easy to create since the foundations (content and format) are already there. All you need to do is work your creative magic and seamlessly tie your brand’s narrative to memes. You will never run out of (often free) material to build on. And the audience will never run out of content to engage with your brand. 

Boosts engagement:

Memes have become the language of the internet. They make brand promotion organic and eliminate the forced quality of other forms of marketing. Likes, shares, and comments are sure to follow if you play your cards right, increasing audience engagement.


Every meme has its time and place. The context of the meme guarantees that the audience will relate to it because it is connected to the here and now. From their everyday lives and workplace experiences to political events and social structures- memes help people communicate about their worlds.

High recall value:

If you brought your A-game to meme marketing, you are sure to have made yourself memorable. If your meme was able to make someone laugh or worthy enough to be shared (the MVP of memes), they will remember your name. It contributes positively to your brand recall and awareness. 

A Winning Meme Marketing Strategy

The recipe for success is to get the ingredients and strategy right. Take a look at what goes into the making of a successful meme marketing strategy.

Know your target audience:

Identify your target audience to cook up a meme that directly speaks to them. Demographics play a huge role in how your audience will receive the meme. 

Establish your brand voice:

Consistency is key. Floundering around and speaking in many voices will only confuse the audience. Find your brand voice and stick to it. Be consistent with your brand’s values.

Simplify and personalise:

Memes are not meant to be complicated. Keep it simple. More importantly, the meme should not be random. Personalise it to your brand (and its products and services) and be creative. Don’t lose track of the main objective: brand awareness.


Don’t get left behind the times. Be quick to action and use trends to build traction for your brand. Draw on viral content to leverage your content.

Understand context:

Be careful what you wish for: your offensive meme can go viral. So, researching the socio-cultural context of your audience is important to avoid any hurt feelings and sentiments. Context matters for memes.


To meme or not to meme, asked a marketer. 

The answer is always: to meme! 

With an overload of content, grabbing attention can be exhausting. Memes are just the way out for marketers to make your brand meme-orable. Memes can make you a part of the conversation using humour and gain traction through organic engagement. Want to learn the tricks of the trade?

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