4 predictions to improve your cybersecurity posture in 2021

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According to Forrester’s predictions for 2021, the funding for non-U.S. headquartered cybersecurity companies will increase by 20%. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Breach Portal noted that in 2020, cyberattacks on healthcare facilities affected 17.3 million people.

Thus, it is clear that cyberattacks and companies dealing with cybersecurity are increasing, and hackers are coming up with new tactics every day to breach security systems. So, to tackle this problem, software developers and other individuals can opt for a cybersecurity course to step into this career.  

Four predictions to improve cybersecurity posture are – 


  • Business Email Compromise/Phishing is Going to Increase 


The breaching of security and phishing attacks in all forms is extensive globally. Attacks like BEC, company-wide emails, and voice phishing are here to stay. One of the essential factors to consider in security is to keep the latest technology in place, including Artificial Intelligence. So, it doesn't matter how powerful filters a company is using; some of the phishing emails can still make their way into an employee's inbox if the technology is not updated. 

One of the most important things to consider is that employers can stop these attacks before they start through SETA. It stands for Security Education, Training, and Awareness. SETA is one of the best ways to tackle a threat within a workforce. Thus, companies can go for a certification course for cyber security to tackle threats within a workforce. 


  • Virtual Security will be in Demand 


The speed of cyber threats can outpace smaller companies, and hiring a Chief Information Security Officer to scrutinize security issues is not possible for most small and medium businesses. Thus, to get consultation about security VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) might be the way to go. The skills of an expert with relevant suggestions will help analyze SMB's potential security threats without spending a huge amount on CISO. 


  • Working With Right Partners Will Pace up Success in New Hybrid Environment    


We have already entered into a hybrid corporate environment where legacy, cloud, on-premises are all within the same domain. A single workforce is distributed into remote full-time, office full-time or even office part-time in the present scenario. Many corporate companies also think that the changes they made during the pandemic are not sustainable and are planning to change the workforce plan. 

However, due to the change in the workforce, the need for security is more now, and the demand for cybersecurity will not end soon. So, individuals looking to become cybersecurity experts can opt for a cybersecurity course, as jobs in this sector will inflate considerably. 


  • The Internet of Behaviour Will Continue to Grow in Importance 


Internet of Behaviour of IoB is a term coined by Gartner and is "about using data to change behaviors”. When major businesses use IoT to change customer behavior, it is termed IoB. It is not new that subsets of data we provide to our devices through facial recognition, watches, and others provide more customized results. 

So technically, breaching personal data isn't that hard as we provide the data throughout our devices that use IoT. Thus, it is quite evident that the use of these IoT devices will increase and have a considerable impact on our lives. Hence, individuals looking to excel in the field of cybersecurity must consider a certification course for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Ventures expects global cybercrime costs to shoot up to 15% in the coming five years and will hit $10.5 trillion by 2025. This shows how big the cybersecurity industry is going to be. Thus, the above-mentioned predictions will significantly improve cybersecurity postures in 2021.

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