A Guide to Digital Surveying Campaigns: Platforms, Benefits and Lead Generation

guide to digital surveying campaigns

With the digitisation of every aspect of our lives, businesses too worldwide are going online. Conducting a solid and effective survey campaign is essential for market research. 

Several factors are involved in producing a strong survey campaign. This blog will comprehensively discuss how survey campaigns can help reap actionable insights for the company. 

Upcoming CMOs or those already holding the position must be well-versed in running digital campaigns. Having in-depth knowledge of conducting digital survey campaigns can enhance their marketing strategies. Enrolling in a digital marketing course can help build and strengthen their marketing skills in this digitally dynamic world. 

What is a Survey Campaign?

A survey campaign can be described as a series of efforts to get firsthand data from the target audience in market research or target population for general research. Survey campaigns are primary research methods through which researchers try to find a solution to a problem.

However, there are several advantages of conducting survey campaigns. Survey campaigns can be used to determine if a new strategy will be beneficial, disadvantageous or cause little to no effect for a specific business. 

Surveys are one of the best ways for businesses to understand their customers. These are proven methods for gathering valuable information from their audience. This helps companies understand who avails their services and products and, most importantly, why. 

Platforms for Conducting Digital Survey Campaigns

There are online platforms where companies can create, analyse and distribute surveys. Companies are using various survey tools for creating survey campaigns. Some of them have been listed below:

  • ZohoSurvey - It takes minutes to create a survey on this platform. With this survey tool, companies can avail of personalisation options such as labelling, logo upload, etc. It also offers real-time reporting and analysis.

  • Typeform - This platform offers easy-to-use surveys. Several templates are available for creating surveys around branding questionnaires, lead generation, user persona, product research, etc.

  • SurveyPlanet - This free platform has unlimited per-written questions, optional comments, question branching and much more. The platform also offers filtering and charts for companies to visualise their results.

  • Survio - This platform is ideal for both internal use — such as training surveys and employee satisfaction— or external use — such as feedback surveys and market research. The platform includes survey logic, built-in templates, social media sharing plugins, etc.
  • Jotform - This form builder platform has many online form widgets that allow companies to include social media, video or maps. Team members can edit the form from any device, even offline. 

How to create compelling digital survey campaigns to generate high response rates?

Survey campaigns are a valuable tool to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign and learn from your customers. But, creating a survey which generates valuable insights and high response rates might be challenging. 

Several certified courses for marketing professionals help these individuals understand how to build a survey campaign. Here, we will discuss how to design an effective digital survey campaign.

  • Understand your audience and company goal 

Before creating any survey, you must properly understand what you want to achieve for your business and who your target audience is. A clear idea about these aspects will help you design an engaging and relevant survey that resonates with your respondents. 

  • Select the correct length and format 

The length and format of a survey can significantly affect the response rates and data quality. Companies must choose formats that are easy to access and finish — like mobile and online surveys — rather than choosing formats which need more effort and resources, like mail or phone surveys. Keeping the survey concise is the key to gaining high response rates. 

  • Use simple language 

The language used in surveys must be simple. Avoid using acronyms, jargon or any technical terms your respondents might be unfamiliar with. Try to avoid vagueness or ambiguity, which might lead to assumptions or different interpretations. You should employ precise and consistent wording. 

  • Combine open-ended and closed-ended questions 

A well-built survey should have a balance between open-ended and closed-ended questions. However, this depends on the depth and type of information businesses want to collect. With open-ended questions, respondents can express their feelings, opinions, and suggestions, allowing them to offer qualitative feedback and insights. 

Whereas with closed-ended questions, respondents can choose from a predefined set of options. This gives companies quantitative metrics and data. 

Benefits of Conducting Digital Survey Campaigns 

There are several benefits of conducting digital survey campaigns. A digital marketing course can help you understand the pros and cons of digital survey campaigns. Some of the benefits are:

  • Many platforms make creating surveys and collecting responses fast and affordable. 
  • The convenience and low cost of online surveys help bring in high responses. 
  • Analysing the results becomes immediate and effortless with the automatic storing of respondent’s answers. 
  • Respondents have the advantage of answering the questions according to their schedule. Some company surveys also allow respondents to save their progress and finish the survey according to their convenience. 

What are lead generation surveys?

Lead generation is identifying and attracting potential customers for business services and products. The primary strategy is to gather the potential customer's contact details, which enables businesses to initiate communication and nurture relationships. 

A lead generation survey can be described as a tool for collecting specific audience data. Apart from capturing leads, this kind of survey can help find areas of improvement or interest. The importance of lead generation surveys are:

  • Helps businesses understand the likes and dislikes of potential customers. 
  • Allows businesses to improve their marketing strategy and target the correct audience segment. 
  • Businesses can personalise their services or products, which helps increase engagement and conversion rates. 
  • It can help understand emerging market trends, allowing businesses to adapt new strategies proactively. 


Businesses today have to use various methods to determine the effectiveness of their marketing and advertisement efforts.

Businesses that want to drive success and growth must understand how their audience feels and thinks. And digital survey campaigns are one of the best ways to understand the target audience.

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