Imarticus Learning Placements Special: Body language

January 22, 2018
Imarticus Learning Placements Special: Body language

In this series, we at Imarticus Learning give you tips and tricks to land your dream job in the Industry.

Walking into an interview can be an unnerving task. There is a group of very important people looking at you from behind a very important looking desk and they seem to have a very important looking document – your CV – in front of them.

First things first – take a deep breath, smile and say Hello. Now, the hard part is over. For the rest of the interview period, keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind:

– Sit up, shoulders relaxed and align yourself to face your interview – if there are more than one than just pick the person in the centre.
-Smile ever so slightly as it shows interest and enthusiasm in the subject in question – your role in the company!
-Keep your hands on your knees in front of you. If you’re prone to fidgeting, keep one on top of the other in your lap.
-Nod in agreement when you are asked a question. But keep a hold of your head because bobbing too much might make you look like you lack concentration.
– Maintain eye contact, but remember to blink. Also, make sure you talk to all the people interviewing you rather than focusing on one person and speaking only at them.
– Shake hands before you leave. Saying things like, “Looking forward to working with you,” sounds too presumptuous. Asking for feedback on the impression you made shows you lack confidence. Just stand up, say a simple, “Thank you” and if necessary, ask when you can expect to hear back from them.

– Fidget with your bag, trousers or hair.
– Scratch your head unnecessarily, as it may come across as being clueless.
– Slouch in your seat or lean away from your interviewers. It shows disinterest and the inclination to be anywhere but there.
– Cross your legs and shake them. It distracts the interviewers.
– Touch your nose – a lot of people do this, surprisingly. It gives the impression that one isn’t being entirely honest.
-Space out. If you don’t understand something, say so and ask for the matter to be repeated.
-Use sounds like, “Err” and “Umm”.

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