How to Ace your Next Interview – Placement Series

September 25, 2018

Once you have completed the studies, the next step involves looking for a job in the respective field. The first interview for the job can be quite challenging since you do not have any prior experience in the area.
There are a lot of confusions in the heads of the candidates and interview preparation can take a toll on your sleep cycle as well.

It is an entirely normal phenomenon that can easily be overcome if you pay close attention to the pointers mentioned below.

Understand the crux of the subject

When you are preparing for the process of the interview, you should understand and read up on the job profile beforehand. The meeting mainly revolves around the pattern of work and then how can you fit in the company. If you know how to conduct yourself in these situations, you will feel confident in giving all the answers and will be able to impress the interviewers eventually.

Defining the skill sets

Once you know the subject and have done your research on the job profile, you should look for skill sets that will be relevant in the line of working. Anything that remotely points towards the idea of you being a good fit in the job should be mentioned to the interviewer. For example, if you have a training or certificate of data science, it will prove useful for analytics department of the company; you will immediately rise above the rest of the candidates who have appeared for the interview.

Interview Preparation

Showcasing Confidence

The essential ingredient that can change the course of the interview is when you showcase confidence in front of the employer. There is a thin line between arrogance and overconfidence. You should give the answers in the language that you are most comfortable in and avoid grey areas in your responses. Anything that shows a hint of overconfidence can be a turn off for the employer and mislead them into thinking that you think too highly of yourself. Your target should be to show them that you are a good fit for the company and know how to work in the most difficult of the circumstances without any hassles. If you do not know answers to their questions, you must not sulk or look scared. Just mention that you do not know the answer to the line of questioning and steer the interview in your direction.

Pay close attention to Body Language

Your body language says a lot more than you do in the interview. It is entirely reasonable to be nervous. But if you confidently present yourself, you will be able to win hearts and woo the employers in no time. Always sit with your hands on your thigh and do not cross your legs. Cross legs and hands make the onlooker feel that you are not open to conversation. Do not lean in on the employer desk. It may make them feel like you are overpowering the presence with the personality type. Fidgeting and playing with a pen or hair can be demeaning to the interviewer as well. Ideally, you should sit with your back straight and have a smile while answering their questions.

Interview Preparation

Dress right

It is important to dress right for the part. If you are applying for an interview with a company that has a formal setup, you must pick your outfit accordingly and mix and match the gear to bring the best of the personality forward. Ill-fitting clothes do not show confidence and can give the impression of a person who does not know how to keep up with the spirit and nature of the work. It is best to go for tailored suits that are made to measure so that you can bring out the best part of your personality.

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