How not to Write a Resume

November 20, 2017
How not to Write a Resume

Make your CV effective with these 5 tips from the Imarticus Learning placement Team

Everyone wants a resume that will stand out from the crowd. But sometimes, candidates tend to go a bit too far to grab attention – Sometimes, to the extent of making some serious mistakes that can work against them. Want to ensure that your application doesn’t get thrown into the recycling bin before you’re even considered for the job?

The Placements team at Imarticus Learning chalks out 5 Don’ts for an effective resume.

Don’t Get Experimental

Using elaborate fonts and colors to make your CV stand out can be a bit of an eyesore. The more gimmicky you make your CV using different shapes and pictures, the more off-putting it will be to an employer. In terms of the fonts, you should ideally stick to Soft, gentle and modern, this is the default font of many email programs, so it’s familiar to the eye  Times New Roman or Arial – remember, the goal is to make it easy to read. Also, do not include any graphics such designs or photographs in your resume.

Don’t Ramble

Keep information relevant and to the point. A resume should be as brief as possible and include no extraneous information. An employer really doesn’t need or want to know all the one-day training courses or participation certificates you have received in life.

Do not Exaggerate

The bigger the lies you put on your CV the worse it will be for your career. After all, your employer is bound to notice if you aren’t performing as well as your CV promised. Also, you aren’t the only one telling tall tales. Most employers these days have seen it all when it comes to embellishments and are thus not fooled. Our advice is to always keep it as honest as possible. After all, if you manage to get a job based on exaggerations you could be let go of pretty quickly. That wouldn’t look good on your CV either, would it?

Stay away from Cliches

Phrases such as “I am a highly motivated individual who works well on my own or in a team” “I love challenges” and “I live for deadlines” are dull. Employers have to read them several times a day because they are so common. Make yourself stand out with carefully worded phrasing that is factual and captures your professionalism as well as the employer’s attention.

Check for Grammatical Errors

This is the most crucial point, one that will make or break your CV. Language and grammatical errors reflect directly on your persona so be careful of the spellings and language. Use words you know, stay away from using big fancy words just for the sake of it and at all times avoid jargons and abbreviations.

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