What is the Scope of a Career as a Business Analyst in India

Who is a Business Analyst?

In the simplest of terms, a business analyst can be described as a professional who bridges the gap between IT and the organization using analytical tools to evaluate the processes, discover the requirements, provide data-driven reports and suggestions to the executives and stakeholders.

In India, there are various institutions who provide business analyst courses and train people. Most Indian companies are on the hunt for a good business analyst, mainly due to the varied skill set they bring to the table. The pay scale is really good, and the experience it can give you is even better.

Having a business analyst career has now become the next big thing as the requirement for the same has increased in India since people have come to understand the full potential of a business analyst and how it can benefit businesses. Being a business analyst should be purely functional and do not need any technical skills; however, in India, the opportunity is better when you have technical skills too because you can serve in multiple roles.

The modern business analyst career includes a professional who is good at multitasking, communication, and reasoning, someone with both soft skills and hard skills. The reason being, there are multiple roles a business analyst needs to serve. Since the market is always expanding and a new business is starting every other day, the requirement for the same is never-ending.

Scope of Business Analyst

The scope of being a business analyst is endless in India. Top tier companies like Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, IBM, and TCS are using business analytics tools to generate intelligent business solutions for making a larger profit.

There are various private universities and colleges’ that offer full-time courses on business analysis, and if you are looking for specific job oriented programs, then there are many certification courses that are available in the market.

Career Path:

  1. Business Analyst or BA: Purely concentrating on being a business analyst can help you in many ways. Once you are thorough in being a BA, you can easily change or switch industries to find the one you are comfortable with or that suits you and start working at all levels of the company once you have enough experience.
  2. Business Analysis Manager: For someone who likes to manage people and teams, being a business analysis manager is a good place to start. You will be assigned a team to manage, and you will have the role of a leader which you can ascend in career growth.
  3. Project Manager: Being a project manager makes you someone who has a diverse set of skills. These skills are completely different from being a business analyst. If you are someone who is looking for a change of skills, this position is worth checking out. This is a route that business analysts traditionally aim for because of the very satisfying and highly rewarding career path.
  4. Relationship Manager: If you are a good speaker, listener, and influencer, this is the job for you. In this post, you are expected to make great connections with stakeholders, listen to them, understand them, and answer their questions about various things, according to the ever-changing business environment.
  5. Business Analysis Competency Manager: This career option deals with the theoretical and developmental aspects of business analysis. Here, you do not get any practical and hands-on experience. The role of a BA competency manager is to improve the business, analyze proficiency, and also track development within the company.
  6. Business Architect: Another career option for a Business Analyst is to become a business architect. In this role, you get to work closely with the company, along with a combination of informal requirements. This role is best suited for senior analysts who have an understanding of the enterprise and has the ability to observe the company from a general point of view.
  7. Subject Matter Expert: Here, you have the role of being proficient in a particular domain, industry, or subject matter. For those who are interested in a specific field and want to make their career in that area, this can be an exciting and stimulating career path.


The scope for business analysts is ever-growing in a country like India and so are the number of business analyst courses available online. There are multiple roles available once you have successfully completed your course. Each time you climb the ladder, the pay scale increases, and so do the benefits and work. There is no shortage of work in this field, and the opportunities are growing every day.

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