What is Technical Business Analyst

Technical Business Analyst

A Technical Business Analyst can have various responsibilities depending upon the company that is hiring them. They are business analysts that are required to work on problems that are predominantly IT-driven or are of the technical aspect. They work on issues that have a high amount of technical complexity and thus it calls for a lot of experience in doing the same. They study computer hardware and software to find problems and create new programs as per the requirement.

They study and remake applications, computer systems, and processes to give expert analysis on applications and systems. In this position, they usually report to a project manager or director, and it is a nine to five job.

A technical Business Analyst covers the gap that a business analyst leaves because of the lack of knowledge in the technical aspects. For example, the documentation related to customization, framework limitations, API/module/plug-in core issues can be effectively taken care of by a technical business analyst.

He/she is required to solve various problems using softwares like Python, R, SAS, etc. If you aspire to become a technical business analyst, you should have a decent grasp on analytical tools like MS Excel.

Duties/Tasks of a Technical Business Analyst

  • ┬áTo assist in the preparation of user and system test plans.
  • To design and develop software, as well as construct process models.
  • Deliver changes with minimal impact on the business.
  • Enhance the effectiveness and functionality of the current computing systems of the business.
  • Provide training and documentation to new users and implement new systems.
  • Design and develop system software by constructing process models.
  • Develop strategic business models by incorporating budgetary requirements and resources.
  • Gather relevant business information and analyze policies, procedures, and work practices.
  • Make recommendations for cost-effective system and software solutions by identifying client-specific business needs.
  • Prepare requirement specifications, written proposals and tenders.
  • Negotiate with clients regarding various options.
  • Liaise with other IT professionals and key stakeholders.
  • Study computer hardware as well as software to identify problems as well as rectify them and create new programs.

Skills Required For Business Analyst

  • Strong leadership and communication skills: Under this post, you will be required to communicate to various personnel in the company from the team that you might be assigned with, to the directors as well as the shareholders. Also, when you are in charge of a group of personals, you should have the qualities of a leader and lead them for the betterment of the business.
  • Knowledge in computer and IT skills: To become a technical data analyst, knowing the basics of computer, as well as having IT skills is essential as your job is to study and remake applications, computer systems, and processes to give expert analysis on applications and systems.
  • Business Acumen: Knowing the technical aspects alone will not get you the job of a Technical Business Analyst. You need to be well versed in understanding businesses so that you can make decisions under business situations that can lead to a good outcome.
  • Organization and time management: Being organized and making the best of the time available is something that not just a Technical Business analyst needs, but these are some of the perks that every working person should have.
  • Analysis and problem-solving: Being a technical business analyst will require you to solve every business-related technical problems, hence analyzing data and finding the problem to solve the same is another one of the functions and skills that are required of a Technical Business Analyst.
  • Strategic thinking: Thinking through various opportunities and problems and having the ability to evaluate the feasibility of various technical alternatives can make you stand out and more valuable to the business.
  • ┬áMultitasking skills: Companies that hire Technical Business Analyst look for the skill of multitasking in them since they should be able to work on more than one project at a given time.

Scope of Business Analyst

To improve and streamline their systems, companies hire technical business analysts, and thus they find work in various industries. Every business organization nowadays requires a Technical Business Analyst for a better output. Along with that, every technical business analyst receives a monetary bonus once they complete a programming project and for improving business systems beyond expectation.

Education and Training

A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required to attain the post of a technical business analyst. Those who are interested in working in this field should also be well versed with programming languages since technical business analysts work with SQL, SAS, and VB on a day to day basis.

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