Top Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Top 10 marketing analytics tools marketers must use in 2023

Overview of the marketing industry

The marketing industry is constantly changing and is crucial for promoting products and services. It includes various approaches like digital (social media, video, mobile) and traditional (direct mail, events) as well as public relations. Marketing experts are highly sought-after, as they help businesses thrive and grow. They assess the market, analyse consumer behaviour, address target audience needs and create effective campaigns to capture market share.

In today’s global economy, marketing analytics tools are significantly transforming this industry. These tools allow marketing professionals to tailor their campaigns and measure the success of the same.

Significance of marketing analytics

The modern marketing landscape is highly competitive. Therefore, accurate data, data-driven decisions and optimum marketing strategies are required to maximise ROI. Marketing analytics has simplified the process of analysing customer data, market trends and campaign effectiveness, providing valuable insights into customer preferences. This enables businesses to allocate budgets wisely and select the most profitable channels for their marketing efforts.

Top 10 marketing analytics tools every marketer should know

Several marketing analytics tools promise to extract and process valuable insight from the marketing data. We have highlighted the top 10 tools that can help every marketer excel in their marketing strategy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a basic and free tool provided by Google. It offers statistics, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other metrics necessary for marketing purposes. These services can be availed by anyone with a Google account. It enables you to uncover trends, patterns and user engagement data, while also facilitating the analysis of customer behaviour and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It also hosts an advanced and premium version that costs around $100K annually.


Matomo is an alternative to Google Analytics that claims to protect your customers’ privacy and data. This open-source web analytics platform tracks your website visits and helps you in creating customised reports based on geo-location, traffic source, operating systems, browsers and, most importantly, user engagement and behaviour.


Mixpanel allows you to track the events that users are performing on your mobile app (both iOS and Android) and website. Once you add an event to Mixpanel, you’ll be able to monitor the activities like trends, user count, which user has used them, in which order and more.


SEMrush is a robust digital tool designed to analyse your competitors' actions. It allows you to monitor their brands, campaigns and social media profiles, providing valuable insights into your brand's performance relative to that of your competitors.


Heap and MixPanel share similar features in marketing analytics, enabling you to track customer online activity and understand your customers' preferences for conversion, retention and satisfaction. However, please note that Heap does not support Android apps.


Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that consolidates data from diverse marketing tools, providing a unified view. It gathers data from various sources, including sales platforms, social media marketing and pay-per-click channels. Cyfe offers pre-built widgets that can connect to SalesForce, Google AdWords and Google Analytics for data integration into a single dashboard. It offers both a free plan and three paid subscription options.


It is one of the most advanced marketing analytics and is also a customer conversion automation platform. This tool analyses digital marketing efforts and tracks business progress. The tool emphasises person-based data and behavioural analytics. It provides deeper insights into consumer behaviour and patterns across multiple touchpoints.


This platform specialises in social media analysis, with a strong focus on content. It keeps users informed about trending topics across social media channels. In short, it helps you assess your social media influence and the effectiveness of your content with your target audience. Additional features include integration with digital marketing tools, content genre filters, advanced keyword search capabilities and hyperlink statistics.


If you wish to build a personalised and interactive dashboard with all marketing-related data on one simple screen, then go with Klipfolio. This marketing analytics tool enables you to extract data from Facebook tools or Google Analytics among other channels to track your performance and put it together on a single dashboard. Moreover, this tool offers excellent pre-built templates of dashboards to choose from.


Marketers are on a constant lookout for tools to carry out A/B tests to determine the best version of their campaign.  Be it visual or textual, Optimizely allows you to change the design of the pages without editing or changing codes. Optimizely can be integrated with other marketing analytics tools like Clicktale, Google Analytics and Bizble.

Final words

Now that you know about the 10 best marketing analytics tools, choose your pick and excel as a marketer. Each one of these has its strengths that can fulfil your specific needs. These tools primarily help in making the best data-driven decision and acing your marketing efforts.

The success of marketing analytics tools has made brands and businesses hire professionals who have a deeper knowledge of these digital tools. Through its Chief Business Officer Course, Imarticus Learning assists learners to excel in the field of marketing analytics. If you are a student or even a working professional who is looking for a better job opportunity, the Chief Business Officer Course can be your key to success!

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