Top 5 Courses From Imarticus That Empowers Women!

Data Science Course with Placement

The 21st century is all about progressiveness; and one of the most important ways, by which this is ensured, is by women empowerment. Throughout history, we have seen the oppression of women. However, in this new age, we strive for equality. Education is an integral part of advancement; and thus, we will venture into the top 5 courses provided by Imarticus which empowers women.

Post Graduate Program in New Age Banking


Banking and Finance CareerCurrently, job trends in the market are thriving in the field of banking. Hence, comprehensive Banking and Finance Courses can be extremely beneficial for women.

The Post Graduate Program in New Age Banking course of Imaticus in the banking sector ticks all the boxes as it provides two great courses - an 11-month PGP in new-age banking and a 2-year NMIMS PGDBM course in Banking and Finance Management. Added benefits from Imaticus involve a dual certification along with excellent placement with lucrative increments.

Professional Certificate in Fintech 

Finance and Technology go hand in hand; and in this modern age, this integration of technology with finance plays a major role in the Finance industry.

Fintech CoursesHence, a great opportunity for any woman would be to take a course in Fintech online training. Going forward, this comprehensive FinTech course of Imaticus can open new horizons in one's life by involving one with Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Machine learning, etc.

Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics

This fast-paced world relies on data; and hence, one of the major subjects which is currently in the limelight is Data Science.

Career in AnalyticsImarticus provides a PGP Data Analytics course that can help one to join a leading MNC and hold the company’s helm. With a huge job demand in the field of data science, this can be an excellent opportunity for someone who is a fresher or has a nominal experience of three years to learn tools like Python, SQL, PowerBI, and Hadoop.

Post Graduate Program in Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

With the world revolutionizing at a fast rate, Artificial Intelligence is going to the new normal in the coming years.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Courses We have already seen the use of AI in computers and mobiles so why not study something which will be mainstream in the coming years? A comprehensive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence course provided by Imaticus along with dual certification can bring lucrative opportunities to your doorstep.

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The modern age deals comprehensively in digital media like social media platforms, and owing to the rise in social media outreach, digital marketing has taken the job market by storm.

Digital MarketingFor a woman who is determined to take a step forward towards success, a Digital Marketing Training course provided by Imarticus Learning will be perfect. It will not only provide a good and secure job but will also take one’s Digital Marketing Career to new heights.


This new fast-paced world waits for none. In these present times, a woman must be very tactful in correctly choosing her goals so that she can chase her dreams. Women empowerment can only be possible by proper education and only if women take up more jobs in high places and thus be an inspiration for other fellow women.

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