Looking For A Full Stack Developer Course That Can Take You From A Beginner To Pro? Read on.

Did you know? The average salary of full-stack developers in India is as high as 6.5 lakhs per annum. Full-stack developer jobs can pay up to 17 lakhs in certain cases depending on the experience and level of expertise. If you are a technology enthusiast, full-stack development is the way to go. A career in full-stack development appears to be one of the most promising career options for the future. Enrol in a full-stack developer course that can take you from an amateur to an expert today. 

Who is a full-stack developer?

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Full stack development alludes to developing both the front and back ends of a website or app at the same time.

A full stack developer works on APIs and databases, building user-facing websites and even working with customers during the project planning process.

Skills you need to become a full-stack developer?

  • HTML

HTML is the structure or skeleton of any online application is the language or HTML. Everything on your website is written in HTML.

A static website can be created using simple HTML and some basic styling such as background colour, text colour, font styles, and font sizes. HTML is one of the most basic languages that any full-stack developer must know. 

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that may be used to create both front-end and back-end applications. It can be used to make web pages. JavaScript may be used to create modern online apps and is the world's most popular programming language.

Python is a widely used programming language and is simple to learn. It helps developers construct websites using blocks of code. Python is a programming language that is used in software development and scripting. Any good beginner as well as an extensive course will teach you Python in detail.

  • Testing

Backend testing is a method of execution that determines the success of any software. Its primary goal is to test the application or database layer to guarantee that the software is free of deadlocks and that there is no loss of data.

SQL is used in relational data management systems to extract and organise data. Full stack developers utilise SQL to design rules for storing, retrieving, or altering server data to make backend components such as the server or database interact with one another. 

  • Ajax

Ajax is a web programming technique used by full stack developers that allow web apps to send and receive information asynchronously from servers. It is one of the most crucial techniques to learn as a full-stack developer.

  • Fundamentals of designing

Full stack developers are responsible for both backend architecture and user-facing interfaces. As a result, full-stack developers must be familiar with design fundamentals. This is taught in the most credible and good courses.

What should a good full-stack developer course offer?

A pro-level full-stack developer course must teach you both front-end and backend development, data structures and algorithms, among teaching you the required soft skills and providing great career support services. It must make sure you gain the necessary experiences for impressing your potential employers and bagging the best jobs. Only these aspects can make you a pro apart from your efforts and interest in the field. 


Full-stack developers are the future of the world and are here to stay. Their demand in all sectors will only increase with time and a full-stack development course can help you step into this lucrative industry. The Full-Stack Developer Pro course by Imarticus can make you future ready with all the necessary skills and knowledge that you will need to be an expert in the field of full-stack development. 

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