A Data Science Primer For Everyone

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A Data Science Primer For Everyone

career in data science is extremely lucrative in the current market, as this field is gathering traction worldwide. As the demand for data analysis is increasing year on year, the need for well-trained professionals in this field is also increasing. As a result, leading institutions like IIT Roorkee are now offering courses that are delving into the depth of this field.

So, if you are planning to become a data scientist or enter this domain, completing this course will help you give a better understanding of the same.

Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning offered by IIT Roorkee and iHUB Divya Sampark

If you are offered a chance to do a course in any of the IITs, you will certainly take it. Who in their right mind would miss out on an opportunity like this one?

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So, you can now grab hold of such a chance with the Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning from IIT Roorkee. The IIT data science certification course has been specifically designed to initiate students in the direction of data science and machine learning. This program has been developed in collaboration with iHUB DivyaSampark, which is an IIT Roorkee NGO enterprise started with the aid of the Government of India. Here, low-cost digital tech and allied services are developed and offered as solutions.

This program will help students to understand the basics of data science and ML while helping to apply them to real-life problems. Data mining and ML tools, including Python will help in generating insights that are data-driven and help organisations to grow.

The program is 5-months long and has been designed by highly praised members of the IIT faculty. The focus here is to train a student with relevant industry experience and required technological tools so that they can help businesses make the right decisions, both in terms of scale and revenue.

More on iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee

iHUB DivyaSampark is a section 8 NGO company, which is mainly a hub for technology innovation situated on the IIT Roorkee campus. It was created under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), which the Department of Science and Technology has set up.

The company helps develop state-of-the-art tech solutions and trains manpower to use these technologies in the real world. The hub also encourages tech professionals to take up entrepreneurship to solve real-world problems like –

  • Making healthcare affordable
  • Developing industry 4.0
  • Make smart and sustainable cities

The ultimate goal of the hub is to develop an advanced ecosystem for modern technologies like AI and ML and allied technology.

Features of the IIT data science certification course

Designed for serving new and mid-level professionals

The program will allow students to develop a strong base in data science and ML using Python for making decisions that are backed by data. This program aims to create data science professionals who are industry-ready.

Data Science online training by industry experts

This is one of the best features of the program. The classes will be conducted live via online sessions with faculty from IIT Roorkee, IIT Ropar and IIT Guwahati. The faculty members are highly experienced in this industry.

Campus Immersion Program for making pitches and connecting with faculty and peers

You also get a chance to get in touch with the faculty and your peers in a campus immersion event at iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee on the Greater Noida campus. You can also visit the startup incubation centre and showcase your startup ideas in the relevant sectors.

Startup funding program and mentorship

As a part of the Digital India support scheme, you will get this opportunity to present your business to industry leaders and get funding and mentorship. It is a great opportunity for students who wish to start and build their businesses.

Program coordination by Dr Balasubramanian, the country’s top ML faculty

Program coordination will be done by Dr Balasubramanian Raman, who has been awarded the distinction of being a top academician in the field of data science and ML. Dr Balasubramanian Raman is a Professor Emeritus at IIT Roorkee.

IITR Certification 

The program certificate will be issued collectively by iHUB DivyaSampark at IIT Roorkee. That means you will have a certification from an IIT, one of the country’s premier technological institutions. It will help you get an edge over others when you search for a job in the relevant field.

Now to help you build a career in data science, Imarticus Learning is enabling access to this prestigious Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning from IIT Roorkee. Also, completing this course successfully will enable you for the placement assistance programme, helping you secure a job without any hassle.

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