How To Learn Python Online and Set Up a Local Programming Environment

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How To Learn Python Online and Set Up a Local Programming Environment

Python is one of the best programming languages that you will come across in the world. It is not as cumbersome as Java, but it is not very easy either. However, there is one thing for sure, learning Python can be highly advantageous for your career. Once you learn Python online, you can build programmes and automate several of your daily tasks.

Also, knowing the intricacies of programming could open up new opportunities for you. With this training, you could opt for opportunities in data science, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence domains. All in all, Python can offer you a chance to do whatever you want to.

How to set up a local programming environment for Python?

If you are using this programming language every day, then it is essential to set up your Python local development environment correctly.

You need to configure Python environments on your local servers (personal computers). For that, you need to choose one environment that everyone else uses to work on a project. Otherwise, you might be unable to compile and execute the Python programs you have built. Unless everybody does not have the same environment, they cannot collaborate and build a project together. If these steps are not precisely followed, then there might be a discrepancy in the collaborative work. Then there will be difficulty in switching between working on multiple projects seamlessly.

Below are the steps you need to follow while installing the local programming environment.

  1. Download the Python version you want from After visiting the Python homepage, click on the type of installer you want, 32-bit or 64-bit. 
  2. After that, you need to run the .exe file of the installer. Within a few minutes, Python and the Python environment will be installed on your local server. 
  3. Up next, you need to start the command prompt and check whether Python has been installed or not. The path where the files have been downloaded will be shown in the installer. 
  4. To set up the local environment, you need to tinker around and download PyPI. Notably, PyPI is also called Python Package Index. This package index helps the programmer to utilise multiple options in choosing open-source Python packages. 
  5. Now you will need to learn the way to manage your local development environment when working on individual, team, and commercial projects. For that, you will need to use pip or the Python Package Installer. Pip will help you in managing your Python packages that are inside virtual environments. 
  6. Finally, the last step is that you need to download an IDE (integrated development environment), where you can build a program in Python and run the code. So, you can learn how to use an IDE before you go ahead and download it. You can use simple IDEs like Notepad and Notepad++ for Python. But, we would recommend you use something like PyCharm, which is quite advantageous as it helps to point out the bugs in your code and is, therefore, a big aid in improving your workflow. But, it has a slow execution speed. All the coders and programmers use Visual Studio Code, which can be used to program in C++, Java, JavaScript and Python. It has all the features of an advanced IDE and helps set up the Python environment easily. You can also work efficiently in this IDE and use keyboard controls for various functions.

These were some of the steps that will come in handy while setting up a local programming environment. Now, we will head over to the next step, where we will see where and how to learn Python online.

How to learn Python online?

Learning Python online is not difficult these days as there are multiple online resources where you can teach yourself Python in the easiest way possible. You can use tutorial websites to teach yourself Python. Or, you could also take up various video courses that are available on online coaching websites.

But, it would be better if you learn from somebody who is from the industry. Faculty who are already trained in teaching understand the right pedagogy to teach programming and the junctions to test the person, which will help to solidify the concepts. Therefore, Imarticus Learning’s PG in Data Analytics is worth consideration because it teaches about all the complex topics in the easiest way possible and builds a good foundation for Python. This post-graduate program in data analytics and machine learning shapes you for professional life with live projects and industry experience.

Hopefully, you have got an idea of the process of learning Python online and which analytics and machine learning course can help you in this process. So, enrol for a course of choice and start setting up your local programming environment to practise and excel at this subject.  

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