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Online digital space has become the largest and most significant domain for advertisement and sales. This space can be effectively utilised even by small companies to sell all over the world. It is in addition to the traditional print and electronic media (such as television, billboards, and newspapers) being used for advertisement and sales promotion.

Companies use these print and electronic media to run paid campaigns to gain exposure and enhance sales. Do you want to become part of this rapidly evolving area of digital marketing? Then as a recently passed out graduate, you would know how to achieve tremendous success by taking up paid media marketing courses.

A career in Paid Media Marketing

Paid media is one of the leading channels for promoting content and attracting customers in the crowded digital space. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., offer a variety of ways in which a company can get exposure. Companies can choose social media where their potential customers are highly concentrated.

Then it can devise unique strategies to promote its content by utilising that media’s paid options. Marketing through paid campaigns can take different forms. These include pay-per-click advertising, displaying advertisements, content that embeds brands, and so on. The essential feature of paid campaigns is to promote awareness about the brands and thus complement revenue growth.

As a paid media marketing executive, your career would be challenging as well as interesting in the following ways:

  • You may get an opportunity to handle the accounts of small local companies and large multinational companies. 
  • You need to design, implement and manage paid media campaigns by seeking guidance and support from your company. 
  • The performance of your paid media campaign would be measured using various metrics such as the number of online customer clicks, number of inquiries, conversion of inquiries into sales, and revenue generated per campaign. 
  • You will be responsible for assigning budgets and optimising campaigns to maximise revenues. 
  • Your work is not in isolation. It involves constant interaction with the sales, account management, and analyst teams. 
  • You would get an opportunity to gain knowledge about the company’s various products and technologies.
  • You can implement various digital marketing concepts and tools of your choice and gain recognition from the top management. 

The company places tremendous responsibility on your shoulders by appointing you as a paid media executive. Hence, your campaigns should adhere to established moral and ethical standards. 

Imarticus Learning’s Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Imarticus Learning is an Edtech company that specialises in providing industry-certified Post Graduate programs in Digital Marketing. This program incorporates the latest concepts relevant to paid and social media marketing. The industry veterans administer it through a number of support services to the aspirants. These include resume building, providing job leads, mock interviews, program mentors, and hands-on training on digital marketing tools. 

Modules in Digital Marketing Program

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This program incorporates various modules related to digital marketing, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), affiliate marketing, paid media marketing, analytics, and Online Reputation Management (ORM). Thus, this program turns a novice like you into a full-fledged industry-ready digital marketing professional by offering a job assurance. You can visit and learn about digital marketing that happens in the real world.


Online digital marketing has become highly competitive since it provides a level playing field for both large and small companies. Hence, it is essential to leverage paid media marketing options optimally for building a successful campaign. You may wonder what differentiates Imarticus Learning’s program from other online digital marketing courses.

The answer is that, unlike other such courses, its curriculum is 228 hours duration. You get an opportunity to learn the nuances of digital marketing through classroom training and tech-enabled online live training. You can also know about other industry-oriented courses offered by Imarticus in the field of finance, marketing, data analytics, and technology by visiting https://imarticus.org. Contact us through our chat support or give us a call for more details.

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