Information and web application security in an age of threats

cybersecurity course

We live in a digital age. Online operations have increased during the pandemic. Businesses now use technology to store sensitive information. High reliance on technology has also increased cyber security risk. Companies face the risk of data breaches. Cyber crimes have become more frequent. By 2025, the GlobeNewswire report estimates cyber crime would cost $10.5 trillion yearly. So, a robust network security framework is the need of the hour.

Information security courses cater to the growing demand for cyber security. IIT Roorkee’s Cyber Security Course is one such course. Keep reading to learn more about cyber security and how this course can help.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the process of protecting systems from malware attacks. These systems include computers, servers, and networks. Cyber security involves network security and information security. Any risk to cyber security could make firms lose clients, revenues, and reputation.

Cyber security has global importance. It helps firms protect their systems and data. A good cyber security system also prevents data breaches. Technologies used by these systems include artificial intelligence (AI) and social engineering.

Why Are Information Security Courses Important?

cybersecurity courses

Digital technology has made network security a priority for firms. This has caused a rise in the demand for cyber security skills. These help prevent data breaches and malware attacks.

A course on information security covers cyber risk management, cryptography, and coding. IIT Roorkee’s course on cyber security helps students master these skills. This way, they can work on becoming a cyber security expert.

What does the Cyber Security Course By IIT Roorkee Cover?

Imarticus Learning has joined hands with CEC and IIT Roorkee to launch an Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security. It covers networking, information security, ethical hacking, and more. This course helps students learn relevant industry skills.

The 6-month online course is the first step to an exciting career in cyber security. After finishing it, one can become a cyber security analyst, penetration tester, incident handler, etc.

Why Should You Choose IIT Roorkee’s Course?

Here's why IIT Roorkee’s Cybersecurity course stands out:

CEC and IIT Certification

Certificates from CEC and IIT Roorkee Certification are globally recognised. These can help one build a great cyber security career.

World-Class Faculty

The program offers live online sessions and discussions with IIT faculty. These help students get hands-on knowledge.

Immersive Campus Experience

The course allows students to join a 3-day campus immersion program at IIT, Roorkee. Students and faculty from IIT Roorkee would be available during this immersion to help the ones signing up for this course.

Practical Skills

Interactions with industry experts would equip the students with the right skill set for jobs. The course offers lab sessions, where one can learn about real cyber security threats businesses face. This gives them a competitive edge over other cyber security aspirants.

Summing Up

Cyber security threats are a major security risk firms face across the world. This has led to a high demand for security professionals. Our program helps students learn cyber security processes, tools, and techniques. It trains them for a rewarding career in cyber security.

We have centres in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad. For more details, visit our website training centres!

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