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Digital marketing is a field that is growing quickly. It is expected to become even bigger in the next few years, reaching a value of around $807 billion. However, there is not a clear set of courses or training programs that teach all the skills needed for a job in digital marketing. Some people try to get certified through online courses, but there are so many different options that it can be hard to choose the best one. Here are some of the key skills that every digital marketing online training should teach.

Top Skills Every Digital Marketing Online Training Should Teach

SEO and SEM Skills

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Digital marketing uses search engine optimization (SEO), so professionals should know about it. Even if someone else on the team handles the technical work, the whole team needs to have a basic understanding of SEO and content optimization. An SEO course is an important part of digital marketing education. By combining SEO skills with search engine marketing (SEM), you can improve your digital marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

People like watching videos on the internet, especially on social media. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people have bought something after watching a video about it. Video marketing is effective because it is personal and engaging. Customers trust a company more when they see someone representing the brand in a video. Videos can be used on many different platforms, like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

Content Marketing

Content is important in digital marketing and content marketing will always be a part of it. To get people interested and to make them take action, marketers need to create high-quality content that can be easily found online. This content can be in different formats, like social media posts, emails, websites, blogs, e-books, and videos. It's important to have a plan for creating content and to know how to use different formats to reach the target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a platform where people talk and discuss things. Digital marketers can use it to reach their target audience with relevant messages. Each social media platform has a special way of organising content and allowing companies to target specific audiences and get detailed statistics. Some tools, like paid promotion, sponsored posts, hashtags, and business groups, can help brands establish an online presence.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing tasks and processes. It can help businesses save time and improve efficiency by automating tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad management. With marketing automation, businesses can set up automated campaigns that trigger based on certain conditions, such as the completion of a form on a website or the receipt of an email.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the practice of collecting and analysing data from online interactions with customers. It helps us make better decisions for our digital marketing campaigns. We can use tools like Google Analytics to track and report on our data. The challenge is figuring out how to use the data to understand customer behaviour and create strategies that will increase traffic and conversions.

Features of Digital Marketing Online Training at Imarticus Learning

·          Industry Council Approval: The digital marketing program was designed with input from experts in the industry.

·         Curriculum: The program covers all aspects of digital marketing, including search, social media, content, performance, email, analytics, and online reputation management. It also includes media planning and buying. The program lasts 228 hours and includes hands-on projects and in-depth instruction.

·         Pedagogy: The program includes case studies that give students a look at how big companies use marketing to maintain their competitive advantage. The program has worked with companies like Tata Motors and Cadbury to understand their marketing processes.

·         Simulation: Students will work on a simulation adventure to practice their marketing skills in a real-world setting. They will learn about SEO, social media, paid advertising, and online reputation management.

·         Live Projects: Students will work on real websites to address the marketing concerns of active businesses for their capstone project. This will allow them to act as digital marketing experts and solve real-world problems.

Why Choose Imarticus Learning?

Imarticus Learning is a company that teaches people skills for different industries, including banking and finance, data science and analytics, technology, and digital marketing. They offer digital marketing online training that is open to people who have graduated within the past two years and want to work in marketing.

After completing this course, students will get a certificate that shows they have learned job-relevant skills in digital marketing. This digital marketing certification course can help them get ahead in their field.

If you are interested in learning more about Imarticus Learning's digital marketing training, you can contact them for more information.

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