Importance of SEO Research and SEO Integration

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the key tools one needs to acquire to become a digital marketer. SEO can be regarded as the backbone of most brands due to its viable and cost-friendly methods to reach customers effectively.

It is generally known to be a practice which increases the quality and quantity of traffic to a particular website via search engine results. A soaring rank is gained by the website with greater visibility online, leading to more availability of customers.

SEO Research gains most of its importance from keywords. Through such research, there are certain optimal keywords which are in high demand according to consumer requirements. These keywords allow for boosting the website rankings bringing in a larger audience.

Integrated SEO refers to the utilisation of content to gain higher ranks on sites such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. These rankings can be found in leads, increased traffic, greater visibility, and revenue.

How is SEO Research performed?

There are certain steps which can be followed to perform SEO keyword Research, mostly applicable in digital markets. Let us discuss these steps in more detail.

Creating a list of relevant topics depending on the type of business

There should be certain general topics to choose from to find the most suitable one. For regular bloggers, having 5-6 topics in mind always comes in handy for day-to-day requirements. These ideas should be thought of in the perceptions of the buyers or the target audience for greater clarity.

Filling of topic buckets with required keywords

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Once you have selected over 5-6 topics, it is now important to identify the keywords which are suitable for consideration. The target audience will conduct all searches related to these 1-2 selected terms. The greater point underlying this step is to think of phrases which will be considered by potential customers which would make easier selection of the keywords.

Another way of selecting the keywords is to figure out which keywords are already being searched. To perform this step, certain website analytics software such as Google Analytics and Hubspot’s Sources Report can be highly helpful. After drilling down the traffic sources of these websites, keywords can be identified more proficiently.

Understanding the Role of Intent in keyword research

User intent can be regarded as one of the major factors to gain a proper rank on search engines such as Google. Nowadays, the webpage is supposed to solve the problem a searcher is planning to work on rather than simply carry keywords used by the searcher him/herself.

Although it is easy to consider a few keywords in terms of face value, to become a digital marketer, one has to understand the different meanings of these keywords. Since the intent of such keywords is connected to the ranking potential, one has to be extra careful with the targeted keywords.

Analyse other search terms

If there is a dilemma with more suitable keywords related to a specific topic, search for more related terms over digital spaces such as Google. Several suggestions related to the original input are visible across such spaces, making it easier for a digital marketer. If any other potential keyword is found, that can be put to use.

Usage of other research tools for keywords

There are other research tools as well as SEO tools that are ideal for finding the most suitable keywords concerning the topic. Some popular research tools are as follows:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Ahrefs
  • SECockpit
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Moz
  • KWFinder

What are the strategies for SEO integration?

SEO integration is one of the best marketing strategies to achieve good quality, long-lasting results. There are a few strategies for an integrated approach to SEO. These steps are as follows:

  • It is important to check if the website is up to the required standard. Even if it's not updated, please check on the inner workings to see if everything can work smoothly without challenges.
  • If one wants to become a digital marketer, he/she should construct certain analytics for progress. Data traffic and attributing numbers are highly critical to ensure efforts in such situations.
  • Social media also plays an important role in these situations. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter lead to driving traffic in similar ways to SEO. Social media shares also play a role to achieve a rank via pages.
  • Content creation can also be considered one of the greatest strategies in the present context. High-quality content ranks at the top of search engines, generating several leads.

The advantages of SEO are evident only if the optimisation is implemented in a strategic and deliberative way. Hence it is proven that websites can be SEO optimised and user-friendly by using the integrated approach.


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