Importance of Digital Marketing: 5 Reasons You Must Know

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We are living in a world where content is king if you want to see a business get successful. Statista predicts that the digital marketing industry in India will increase to ₹539 billion by 2024. In recent years, pursuing a career in digital marketing has become one of the most popular options. The strength of digital marketing lies in its ability to reach target audiences, boost sales, and therefore increase revenues. Through the use of various digital marketing strategies like content marketing, SEO and PPC, and social media marketing, digital marketing has become a dynamic force that propels a business toward success. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Before we delve into the importance of digital marketing, let us understand what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is, well, marketing. Like every other form of marketing, the same rules and principles apply to digital marketing, except with digital marketing, a business reaches its customers online through a digital mode. Digital marketing is popular as it allows businesses to reach customers easily through digital mediums like social media, web applications, email, search engines, and mobile applications. 

To put it more simply, Digital Marketing is every advertisement for a brand or service that you see while you are on Google or just scrolling through your social media. Moreover, promotional emails that you receive about various products are also a part of digital marketing strategies. These days’ influencers are trending and yes, an influencer promoting a product or small business to their followers through their social handles is also an example of popular digital marketing trends. 

Let us now look at the reasons for the importance of digital marketing in today's business environment.

Factors that Contribute to the Importance Of Digital Marketing.

Easy Local & Global Reach

Easy local as well as global access is a major advantage of digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing which has geographical limitations and requires intense labour, money, and planning to create marketing campaigns, digital marketing can be done extremely conveniently with the help of the internet. A business can reach an immense audience not just locally but internationally as well without spending an immense amount of money or involving numerous teams. Even a small business owner can showcase and promote his/her business to international customers with an online store.The importance of digital marketing over traditional marketing is significantly increased by this advantage. The fusion of visibility and global reach is a great opportunity for any business, and this is something digital marketing provides. Moreover, local SEO is a tried and tested digital marketing strategy that is used by companies to bring local customers to their doors through locally targeted ads.

Digital Marketing Certification Course

Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

These days, most businesses and companies focus on marketing goals that are long term and this is why they aim to get more even by spending less. This emphasises the importance of digital marketing, which is easily affordable. Digital marketing strategies like SEO, content management, social media promotions, etc. work as low-investment techniques that make it so affordable. Certain digital marketing techniques at the beginner level are so simple that they come at no cost. Other strategies like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that require expertise are paid but the charges are still usually lower than traditional marketing techniques. 

Easy Campaign Monitoring and Tracking Leading to Better Optimization

This is yet another aspect of the importance of digital marketing in today's marketing landscape. It makes tracking and monitoring of marketing campaigns easier yet more intense and affordable than traditional marketing where you need to spend not only money but also time to ensure that marketing campaigns are working. In digital marketing, the return on investment or ROI of a campaign is tracked easily to show if it is bringing a business valuable results. These trackers and indicators include metrics such as clicks, likes, impressions, comments, shares, and ultimately conversions or sales. 

Effective Brand Awareness

Due to the intense global reach that digital marketing campaigns have, businesses can easily build awareness and recognition. Brand awareness is crucial if a business wants to attract new customers and grow as a brand. 

Effective Targeting

A company or business owner can gain a clear picture of their target audience by recognising the importance of digital marketing. It enables businesses to extract data to understand which audience fits your service or products best and then optimise campaigns around them. Targeting customers through social media is done using various digital marketing strategies like SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, PPC or pay-per-click, and demographic information on social media. All these targeting strategies and elements ensure that these specifically designed marketing campaigns reach the right audience. 


In today's world and age, knowing the importance of digital marketing is a must for building a successful business, which makes it an excellent choice to pursue a career in digital marketing. Digital marketing industry in India is booming, and if you are interested in making a career in this field, then the Digital Marketing and MarTech course with IIT Roorkee offered by Imarticus Learning can help you make your dreams come true. 

In case you have any queries regarding the digital marketing certification courses, you can get in touch with us now.

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