IIT Roorkee and digital marketing: A learner’s dream come true

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IIT Roorkee and digital marketing: A learner’s dream come true

The growing demand for digital marketing courses

Over the past few years, digital platforms have taken the business world by storm. Businesses lookout for proficient digital marketing professionals to reach existing and new customers. Not unexpectedly, millennials today aspire to learn digital marketing fundamentals from a premier institute to enhance their growth prospects. They endeavour to gain knowledge and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, social media, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing analytics. 

Thus, the growing prevalence of online technology-based advertising and marketing has increased the demand for digital marketers and digital marketing courses.

This article provides details of an industry-relevant advanced certification program in digital marketing for potential learners to make their dreams come true.

What to look for in a digital marketing online course?

learning and development

Digital or online marketing, as we all know, refers to a marketing practice that uses digital devices, technology, and platforms to promote products or services. A digital marketing course provides an in-depth understanding of online advertising, marketing, and sales-promotion concepts and tools.

With online learning systems gaining momentum in the past few years, several online courses are now available to help aspirants build successful careers in digital marketing.

An online digital marketing course covers the following topics -

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Design and Performance
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media/Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Affiliate and E-commerce Marketing
  • Digital Marketing/Google/Website Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Communication Strategy and Planning 
  • Digital Marketing Software and Tech Tools (MarTech)

The above is not an exhaustive list, and the course content varies for different digital marketing programs as per the requirements of the learners. Before finalizing the course, pay attention to the topics and subjects to derive maximum benefits.

An all-encompassing digital marketing online course from IIT Roorkee

Imarticus Learning, a leading technology-based educational brand, has collaborated with IIT Roorkee to offer Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and MarTech. It is a digital marketing online training program that aims to impart knowledge of the new-age digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques to the aspirants. 

Course Benefits

Pursuing the Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and MarTech is a learner’s dream come true due to the following two reasons: 

  • It enables you to follow your dream of pursuing a certification from a reputable institution, i.e., IIT Roorkee, and
  • It facilitates building a robust foundation of concepts and advancing your career in the digital marketing and MarTech industries. 

Enrolling in this course will help you–

  • Acquire industry-relevant skills and competencies with extensive learning of digital marketing tools and practices, and stay updated on evolving industry trends
  • Gain the prestigious certification of IIT Roorkee to optimize your academic profile and enhance your career prospects
  • Learn digital marketing from highly qualified and experienced faculty through online training sessions
  • Study a progressive IIT experts’ and industry leaders-designed curriculum to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world
  • Learn to solve practical problems through case studies, practical exercises, and capstone projects of big brands to understand their digital marketing strategies
  • Get resume enhancement, interview preparation, and other placement and career support services from trained professionals of Imarticus.
  • Network with fellow learners and industry leaders to share knowledge and build meaningful professional relationships.
  • Get integrated, cutting-edge educational experiences through live sessions and a three-day campus immersion module at IIT Roorkee.

Hence, this value-laden digital marketing online course is worthwhile for budding digital marketers aspiring to make a successful career in this field.

If you are a working professional, the certification is a boon since it equips you with upgraded knowledge about digital marketing, adds value to your resume, and thus enhances your career prospects. Also, the online classes are on weekends, so you can attend from anywhere without leaving your full-time job. You can learn at your own pace and as per your learning style. 

If a business owner, you learn to develop digital marketing strategies that help you reform your marketing techniques and use relevant digital channels to reach the target audience. The learnings from the course enable you to build your online market presence for driving inbound leads and boosting revenue generation.


As digital marketing fields continue to develop, there is a growing demand for digital marketing courses. Imarticus Learning, in collaboration with IIT Roorkee, offers an advanced online certification in digital marketing and MarTech. It provides a dual advantage of learning from the fundamental to advanced digital marketing concepts from IIT, one of India’s premier educational institutes.

Have queries?

Visit our website to know more about the course. Feel free to contact us through our chat support or write us at info@imarticus.com. You can also visit our training centers in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Thane, Ahmedabad, or Gurgaon. Our admission team will address all your queries and help you complete the enrollment process.

Happy Learning!

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