How to land high-paying investment banking jobs in 2022

best investment banking courses with placement in India

Investment banking is a field that is as high-paying as it is demanding. It comes with many benefits, but there are certain things you need to master. And, one of them is networking. This especially comes in handy if you are looking forward to working in a specific firm. If there are alumni of your institution who work there, then connect with them. Another approach can be through LinkedIn. You need to connect with people there who work in that firm or can introduce you to someone who does. Also, you need to build a resume that no one can refuse. 

Above all, to get into an investment banking career, it is important to do a proper investment banker course. Thankfully, Imarticus Learnings is here to your rescue with its CIBOP course. This will give you amazing exposure with great placement support. This in turn will give you the necessary boost needed in your career. Here, we are going to talk about what investment banking jobs entail, how much you can expect as salary, and also the requirements you need to meet to become one. Keep reading to learn more.

What Does an Investment Banker do?

Essentially, an investment banker's job is to advise companies on corporate-level transactions. For example, mergers and acquisitions on a large scale. What this means is that they collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to promote and sell companies. They also need to find potential clients and make sure that the deals go through smoothly. Another part of their job is to suggest the best terms and accurate timing for capital gains and then sell that idea to the investors efficiently. In short, you need to be a master in many domains to be good at this. And, being good at this is the only way to land a high-paying job. 

How Much Salary can you Expect?

On average, an analyst gets about $85-$95k, which, of course, increases with time and experience. And, if you are one of the luckier few who have what it takes to be a managing director, then you can expect an average salary of about $400-$600k. 

Tips to Get a High-paying Investment Banking Job

There are a few things you need to ace to bag a high-paying job in this field. 

  • Prepare for the interview well: several rounds of interviews are conducted before choosing a candidate. Mostly, the questions focus on problem-solving, behavioral, and technical aspects. So, prepare for that thoroughly.
  • Master technical skills: You need to be on top of skills like financial modeling, excel, valuation and accounting. Once you have these mastered, the road becomes much smoother.
  • You need to have amazing attention to detail.
  • Competitive overachievers are always appreciated.
  • You need to be actually interested in the deals instead of just following the market trends.
  • Reading, writing, speaking and mathematical skills are a must.

Investment banking jobs need a specific kind of training before you can actually get into an investment banking career. Check out Imarticus Learnings' investment banking course and make yourself ready for the big break.

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