The 10 things online MBA learners should do to catch up with fintech innovations

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Are you dreaming of getting into the finance or banking industry? Well, the biggest preparation you could do is keep up with the latest trends in the industry. When we talk about the banking/finance industry, fintech has been the biggest trend as of late.

People are loving the concept of accessing financial services via their smartphones with fintech. Many online MBA learners ignore the fintech aspect which could help them get a new-age banking job role. If you are doing a distance learning MBA, your course should provide you with an opportunity to keep up with the fintech innovations. Read on to know the top things online MBA learners should do to keep up with the fintech innovations.


  • Choose a new-age MBA program


The first thing you could do is to choose an industry-oriented MBA program. We at Imarticus Learning, offer several online MBA programs that follow an industry-oriented curriculum. We offer the best online MBA courses that include all the innovations that have happened lately in the industry. Our MBA (Jain) course in fintech can help you know all the trends and innovations in the industry.


  • Look for dual programs in new-age banking


We offer an NMIMS distance MBA which is a dual program in new-age banking. While the two-year MBA program will teach you about traditional banking practices, the 11-month PGP program will teach you about innovations. Young aspirants should choose their MBA program wisely in 2022.


  • Follow a practical approach to keep up with innovations


Many courses teach theoretical concepts about fintech but don’t allow students to put them to the test. Practical learning is important for understanding innovations. For example, consider a chatbot that helps customers on any fintech platform. Until you make a chatbot yourselves, you might not understand its works and benefits. Our MBA programs allow students to follow a practical learning approach.


  • Get familiar with the fintech technologies


To understand the innovations in the fintech industry, you should know what technologies are used in the industry. The fintech industry uses several new-age technologies like blockchain, AI, RPA, ML, big data, etc.


  • Work on the tools used in the fintech industry


All fintech innovations are not focused on increasing the customer experience. Some fintech innovations enhance the productivity of fintech providers. You should get familiar with the latest tools used in the fintech industry.


  • Learn via professional learning courses


Our MBA (Jain) in fintech will provide you with five professional learning courses from LinkedIn. Professional courses of shorter duration usually focus on industry innovations.


  • Work on projects


You can work on real-life projects to understand fintech innovations. Our MBA program allows students to work on group projects related to the fintech industry.


  • Study real-life case studies


You should know what led to any particular innovation in the fintech industry. By studying real-life case studies, you will get to know how innovations arrived in the fintech industry. You will understand how to examine the pain point of customers to innovate.


  • Work with a fintech firm


You will get to know industry innovations closely by working in a fintech firm. We will help you get placed in the fintech industry with our industry-oriented MBA courses.


  • Interact with industry experts


It is a different feeling when you learn about any concept from an industry expert. Senior working professionals provide a hands-on learning experience. By choosing our MBA courses, you will get to interact with working professionals. You will understand the strategy followed to innovate in the fintech industry. Start your online MBA program to learn more about fintech innovations!

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