Don’t follow old content marketing strategies in 2023: A new-age guide

The landscape of content marketing has evolved a great deal over time. As the brands are striving to improve their marketing goals, it is important to change the approach in which the companies are taking up marketing activities. Of the various strategies that companies are taking up today to build a reputation, content marketing is a strategy that will help to draw more traffic to the sites. 

For the brands to create an impact in the market, it is important that their marketing team comes up with the most relevant and efficient strategies in order to draw the attention of the masses. What was in trend the previous year might go obsolete this year. For content marketing to be the most effective, it is of the utmost importance to keep up with the latest trends. You can consider taking up a content marketing course online that will help you remain at par with the latest demands in the market. This article will take you through the old strategies that you need to avoid, and the latest strategies that are setting the trend. 

About Content Marketing

What sets content marketing apart from traditional marketing is that it is more subtle and less in the face. Traditional marketing is available in the form of television and radio advertisements, calls, banners and so on. These might cause interruption. Nobody would like a call while in the middle of an important meeting. Would you stop by to read a banner while you are on your way to work?

Content marketing, on the other hand, is available in the form of websites, social media posts, online blogs, video content, and so on. This kind of marketing aims at building a relationship with potential customers by leaving a long-term impact on their minds. Apart from relationship building, content marketing also helps to give a boost to your audience and shoot up the traffic to your website. 

However, the needs of the audience are ever-changing. In order to keep up with the latest requirements of the target audience, it is important to make sure that digital marketers remain at par with the latest trends in the market. 

Some Content Marketing Hacks for the New Age Needs 

  • SEO is never out of trend: Although Search Engine Optimization has been of the utmost importance since time immemorial, it shall never go out of trend. If you are willing to optimise your content, you need to incorporate the use of relevant keywords. You also need to work on your meta-description and title tag — remember to use the core keyword in your meta-description and title tag while maintaining the criteria of between 60 and 155 characters. Another important thing to note while optimising any content for search engines is to use backlinks as they help to increase the credibility of the website. You can learn SEO online to deliver the best results.
  • Engage your audience using video content: When we think of content, we straightway think about blogs, articles, and other forms of write-ups. However, with the changing times, it is essential to make sure that the brands start using video content, which is way more engaging and can leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of the viewers. These videos can be in the form of informational videos, webinars, how-to videos and other live videos that display new launches and other informative facts. Starting with an interesting fact, an engaging statement or a story can make your audience want to stay till the end. However, while preparing video content, make sure that the videos can be accessed on all devices.
  • Enabling voice search optimisation: In this age of rapid digitisation, the importance of voice search optimisation cannot be neglected. People are no longer confined to ‘having everything at the tips of their fingers’. In modern times, voice search has taken the market by rage. 

The key to mastering this and optimising the content for voice search is by providing crisp and to-the-point answers to questions so that there are higher chances of visibility by assuring appearance in the featured snippet. Make sure that you do not fill your replies with a bluff. 

  • Amalgamate multiple content formats: This is another trick that can help you gain an edge in 2023. If you have a write-up ready to be posted as a blog, try to include some videos or other related images. This will help to create a visual appeal and might engage your readers and keep them hooked to the end of the article.
  • Chatbots to the rescue: You can automate your chats with the help of chatbots. You will not have to wait for your manual staff to attend your customers whenever they need you, you only have to automate the communication. This will help to decrease the cost of customer service. 

Not only this, but chatbots are also known for providing personalised recommendations to the audience based on their requirement. This helps to increase trust and develop a personal relationship. 


Hope this gives you an idea about the different kinds of techniques and strategies that you need to incorporate in your content marketing if you wish to stand out in this age of cut-throat competition. An online digital marketing course with placement support might help you ace your dream of having impactful content marketing strategies. The IIT Digital Marketing course will enlighten you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to make an impact on the market and attract more and more audiences.  

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