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Email marketing is one of the powerful tools for businesses to communicate directly with their customers and share information regarding new products, sales, and updates. With a high return on investment (ROI), it has become an integral part of several businesses' inbound marketing strategies.

Unlike traditional mass mailings, modern email marketing is more specified and targeted, utilising consent and segmentation to ensure that the right message reaches the right audience.

Due to marketing automation, this process has become more streamlined, allowing businesses to focus on other important tasks. In addition to driving sales, a well-designed email marketing strategy can build a strong community around a brand.

How is Email Marketing Important?

In spite of 50 years of existence, Email marketing has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Email marketing makes room for greater personalisation of campaigns compared to social media marketing. The cost of Email marketing is significantly lower than that of other platforms. This is specifically relevant for small businesses. 

The profitability of Email marketing arises from the direct customer-specific access it offers to the inboxes of the audience. Email marketing encompasses everything from order confirmations to newsletters. The utility of email marketing can be categorised into three primary objectives: 

  • it can help increase conversations. Email campaigns can be sent to subscribers to help promote sales and discounts. Triggering abandoned cart emails can also remind visitors of their unpurchased items. 
  • Secondly, boosting brand awareness by directly reaching out to people is possible through email marketing. One of the added advantages of email marketing over social media posts is personalised emails. 

These are the curated space reserved for favourite brands and publications. This is one of the ways in which brand advertisements can be done efficiently and subscribers can stay in touch with their preferred brands.

  • Email marketing forms an effective way to drive customer loyalty. It can help assist in conversions, onboard new customers and retain existing ones. To streamline communication sales CRM systems work in conjunction with email marketing and help make it easier to build a community. 

How does Email Marketing work?

Email marketing is an important tool for businesses. Despite the various complexities, email marketing can be carried out efficiently by breaking it down into a few crucial steps. The steps are as follows:

  • In the first step, one needs to start with the list. Without having a list of subscribers, one cannot send out email campaigns. Alongside having a list, one needs the right people on the list to ensure successful marketing. Hence including genuinely interested people becomes necessary. 
  • After making the list, the next step forms adding an email service provider (ESP). An ESP helps manage the email list, segment the audience, and distribute email campaigns to the subscribers. It also helps in tracking the performance of the campaign and making data-driven decisions to further improve future campaigns. 

The mark of a good ESP is, it helps integrate with other marketing tools to enable automation. There is a myriad of email service providers that are available across the net, and selecting the right one can be a little challenging.

  • Once an ESP is selected it leaves one with refining the lists and messaging to reach out and connect with their target audience. This process may involve segmenting the list based on interests or a cart abandonment email to encourage subscribers who have abandoned their shopping carts to complete their purchases. 
  • Another critical aspect of email marketing is Automation. An automated email campaign can save time and ensure that the subscribers receive relevant messages at the right time.

How to grow the Email List?

To grow the Email list the provider needs to offer something of value that will entice the visitors to share their contact information. This is where lead magnets come in. 

A lead magnet is also known as an opt-in bribe. It is a free resource that is offered to website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Lead magnets can take several forms, such as PDFs, audio files, or videos and they can be created at a very low cost.

Creating an effective lead magnet depends on a number of key factors. These are as follows:

  • Consumability of the lead magnet
  • The lead magnet should provide an actionable tool for it to be a good one.
  • The lead magnet should deliver a noticeable improvement in the lives of the audience
  • Relevance of the lead magnet
  • Availability of the lead magnet

Once a compelling lead magnet is created, the following step requires creating an opt-in form that will convert the visitors into subscribers. The opt-in form should include the following things:

  • A well-delineated headline that conveys clearly the benefits of the lead magnet
  • Well-enunciated description with lucid language that portrays the value of the lead magnet
  • Creative visuals including an image of the lead magnet or something like that can boost conversations
  • Precise and concise format that does not ask for too much information in the beginning. 
  • An enticing subscribe button having a contrasting and vibrant colour that will encourage immediate action

It is important to note that, one should keep tracking the results and make appropriate adjustments as needed to keep improving the email marketing strategy.


The significance and need of digital marketing in today’s fast-paced business world are indispensable. The never-so-ever prevalence of online technologies has made it necessary for businesses to adopt digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing provides a platform for individuals to communicate with a large audience and draw critical insights to hone their tactics.

There is a need for businesses to adapt to this increasingly digital world in order to adapt. By embracing digital marketing, companies can leverage the huge potential of the internet to promote their respective brands and appeal to new customers. Digital marketing also enables businesses to collect valuable information they need to build targeted campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

Digital marketing helps develop lasting relationships with their customers. With proper digital marketing strategies in place, businesses can establish a profound online presence and keep ahead of the competition. 

The modern digital age has revolutionised the way businesses work, making it crucial for individuals to harbour a strong digital marketing skill set. The IIT Roorkee digital marketing certification course is providing with a comprehensive online program that helps participants develop the necessary skills to excel in the digital marketing industry. This digital marketing course is targeted to aid individuals build a competitive advantage in the job market and also help businesses reach their marketing milestones.

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