Digital Marketing: The Biggest Growth Driver for Businesses!


We have all heard the statement that digital marketing is the future. Some have even said that a majority of marketing strategies would be based on digital marketing soon. Yet, what is the hype around digital marketing, and why do many consider it the most significant growth driver for businesses? Let’s find out.

To put it simply, digital marketing is the use of digital media to advertise, promote and endorse products and services. Such digital channels include social media, emails, search engines, mobile apps, and websites. This leads us to why digital marketing is required in today’s day and age, and why people are pursuing a career in digital marketing.

The Need for Digital Marketing

In short, with physical shops closing down and personal meets reducing exponentially, digital marketing was the go-to tool for businesses during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. And, it still is. Even before the pandemic, companies that embraced digital marketing had a higher chance of boosting their sales and revenue than those that did not. Here’s why:

  • Almost half the world’s population uses emails. This provides businesses with the unique opportunity to reach out to many people through digital marketing campaigns. This wouldn’t have been possible with traditional marketing techniques.

Affordable smartphones have taken the world by storm, and the testament to this is that there are around 6.3 billion smartphone users in the world. Digital marketing allows a brand to penetrate the digital space of all these users

  • As a result of the reach, digital marketing has led to greater engagement between the customer and the business owner. This can boost sales in the long run by establishing a loyal customer base.
  • Digital marketing also allows people to have more control over their campaigns than in traditional marketing. For example, traditional campaigns have many contractual red-tapes that don’t allow you to change the course of your campaign based on feedback from the target audience.

The Impact of Digital Marketing

There are plenty of business owners who have realized the potential of digital marketing and enrolled in various digital marketing courses online, like the Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification. Yet, what are the impacts that are making businesses switch to digital marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

  • A Terrific ROI: Digital marketing provides an unbelievable return on investment or ROI. Emails can give a return of $42 on an investment of a mere $1!
  • Converting Leads: With the help of digital marketing, businesses and brands have a higher chance of converting potential customers into purchasing clients!
  • Affordability: Digital marketing is generally very cost-effective. This is in stark contrast to traditional marketing ways, where running ads could sometimes be costly.
  • Hitting The Bull’s Eye: Digital marketing allows you to target customers who are more likely to buy certain products and services. Thus, instead of running mass adverts, you could single out your target audience resulting in more sales and revenue.
  • The Personal Touch: Digital marketing tools have given brands a personal touch. Interactions with the client have increased, and as a result, it has led to a loyal consumer base. This only helps in the long-run growth of the company!


With the world in a digital age, there is an increased number of people using digital media platforms to stay connected. Thus, in order to maximize a company’s reach, it is imperative for brands and companies to realize that digital marketing is the best way forward for promoting products and services and building brand awareness!

best digital marketing courses in IndiaIf a professional or a small business owner wants to learn more about digital marketing, then there are plenty of digital marketing courses online.

Hubspot Digital Marketing Certification and other such courses definitely help in having a career in digital marketing.

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