Crafting Impactful Email Content: Tips and Hacks

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Want to stand out among the tons of emails that your subscribers receive every day? Leveraging a strong email marketing strategy will be essential to help you bring this dream to fruition. 

Emails are the key channels that help brands to connect with their targeted audience. They also create personalised experiences for the audience. However, crafting a compelling email that impresses the audience is a bit tricky. 

If you are looking for some tricks and hacks to improve your email's effectiveness, this guide can help you navigate various such points to strengthen your content. 

Need For Impactful Emails

347.3 billion emails are sent and received every day as of 2023, and approximately 89% of marketers still use email as the primary channel for lead generation.

Emails are the written records of essential information and a crucial tool for business communication. Not only the subject line but also the images, links, and texts inside your emails should be on point to leave an impact on your target audience. 

Although the average click-to-open rate of the subscribers is only 10.5%. Even with proper setups, your email open rates can be low for multiple reasons, such as using spam trigger words, writing bad subject lines or no personalised subject lines, or even wrong choice of words. 

Therefore, to avoid your emails landing in your audience's spam box, try to implement the tips mentioned below. 

Tips and hacks to craft your email

We will start with a few tips to increase your audience's attention span. So, here are some tips for high-performing emails which will have a high tendency to be opened. 

Use more action words

Action words you use in your subject lines will increase the chance of getting noticed. Use powerful action words like invitation, congratulations, last chance, offer, sale, invitation, etc. This attracts recipients and drives engagement. Sales marketing is successful when you improve call-to-action rates in your emails. 

Create personalisation

Message personalisation in emails is 72% more effective. This improves the open and clickthrough rates of the emails.

Include personal pronouns like your and you to increase engagement. This will be effective, like speaking directly with your subscribers. Address the recipients by their names in the body or on the subject lines. 

Nail your preview texts

The preview texts appear below or next to an email's subject line in the subscribers' inbox. Reports suggest 24% of subscribers look at the preview text before opening the emails. Hence, try to write your text within 50-90 characters. Avoid repetition and encourage scrolling. A compelling preview text will increase the chances of emails being opened.  

Write compelling content

Good content is about being clear and simple in the emails. The emails should be short to retain the attention span of the subscribers. The subject line enlisting the email contents should convince your readers to continue reading more and take action. Use less complicated words. Talk about benefits more than the product/service features. 

Email should be relevant

Know your audience first before sending the emails. The precise setting of criteria and message delivery should be audience-specific. Avoid general product advertising. Divide your audience into small segments to improve the open rates. 

Avoid spammy words

You might be thinking about how you can bypass the spam filters. Refrain from using spammy language, like additional income, $$$, stock alert, hidden, etc. Do not use words like ‘but’ or ‘free’ in the body content. Avoid multiple exclamation signs and all caps to avoid being blacklisted. 

Software to Use to Increase Engagement

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If you want some expert support in fixing your emails, here are a few software and tools that can help you increase your email's engagement:-


You don't need any design skills to create visually appealing emails. Hubspot can help you create professional and personalised emails. The platform is filled with abundant templates that can make your content more interesting. 

Brevo (Formaly Sendinblue)

It is an all-in-one marketing platform that also works as an automation tool to create professional-looking emails and also manage your email campaigns.  


This is an advanced email marketing platform. Its seamless integration with e-commerce platforms is great for SMEs. It helps segment your email list and create personalised emails for your entrepreneurial journey. 


ActiveCampaign is an affordable email marketing platform for small creators. It includes advanced features like geotracking, conditional content, multi-user editing, etc. It's easy to customise and sends targeted emails avoiding spam. 


Gain predictive insights into your subscribers with this platform, well-suited for beginners and entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their email marketing strategy for startups. Create dynamic content with personalised email blocks and improve your customer journey. 

Zoho campaigns

Zoho offers pre-designed email templates that can be used, along with automated information tracking, to reap data-driven insights. Workflows can be created to monitor email campaigns efficiently on Zohom, which is inherently a cloud-based platform. 


These are some of the basics of email marketing that can help you curate impactful email content that will have more open and click-through rates. 

However, if you use email marketing for business purposes and want them to be conversion worthy, you need to know more. The Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and Martech Program by Imarticus Learning can help you build a robust email marketing strategy and even better digital marketing knowledge!

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