Career-hacks: 5 Tips to Rock Your First Job

A first job (whatever position it may be) is definitely bound to be extremely daunting. But have you ever wondered how different it would be if you had like a manual of sorts? This way you would know all the tricks which would help ease that anxiety and stress. What if we were to tell you that there are certain scientifically proven, magical career hacks, which would get you from a newbie to an experienced professional?
Here are five such tips to get you started:
#1: Post-its for the win
Many social scientists have found that when compared to a typed out message, a post-it note makes a bigger difference. Using these would make it effective in asking someone to get a particular task done for you. Asking for help in the more modern and nonchalant way will give off oodles of results. Don’t believe us? The next time you want your boss to help you out with a certain report, all you’ve got to do is stick a post-it on it and then watch PIs work their magic.
#2: Being concise is of great value
Facts state that any average reader would only be able to pay attention to the written word up to about 300 words. Anything more than that and you’ve lost them as well as the message that you wanted to send across. Remember the 300 world rule the next time you are shooting a mail to a colleague. Another thing to remember is writing all the important detail at the very beginning of the mail, instead of leaving them until the end. This is because most of the professionals due to their busy schedule tend to skim through emails and hence the important things would be left out.
#3: Notepads are your best friend
Wherever you go in your professional capability, always ensure to carry a notepad with you. When you are a fresher in a workplace, it is very obvious to be really overwhelmed by a lot of things, which is why your attention will never be able to be on one thing. This is where notepads come to your rescue, even if you are just doodling something, they make you look very engaged. You can note down questions and important points and mull them over after the meeting gets over as well. Change Management Banner
#4: Ask a favour of someone who is your nemesis
Have you heard of the Benjamin Franklin effect? This was basically what Franklin did to become friends with another rival legislator. You can definitely try applying this when it comes to a co-worker with whom you’re facing certain difficulties. Whenever you ask someone for a favour, it makes that person think as to why they should do you a favour if you aren’t really nice. This way you can lay down a good foundation for best friendship in future.
#5: Always explain
If you explain why you need something more than the other person, then chances are that they will give it to you. All you have to do is use the word ‘because’ while explaining it. This way, it increases your chances of getting greater success in whatever you want, from single copy maker machine to greater things.
So now that you know of these tricks, be sure to use them as well. Many professionals today have begun to realize the importance of generating skills that are industry relevant, which is why institutes like Imarticus offer basic assistance on workplace etiquette.

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