Salary Trends in Big Data Industry

Salary Trends in Big Data Industry

Big Data Industry has become the modern equivalent of the hot cross buns of the mid ages. This industry acts drives people like a moth to a flame, especially those in the field of information technology. If you happen to be one such enamoured individual then as a part of being a data aspirant, you are sure to have a number of questions regarding the field. Your questions will range from any of the following:

  • What salary should one expect in this field?
  • What are the skills that a person needs to acquire in order to get an entry in this industry?
  • What are the many locations where the most amount of opportunities make up a huge chunk?

So if you do happen to have these many questions and if you are shaking your head vigorously in appreciation, then this very article is for you. Read on to dispel all of these questions and find the most proper answers to them.
Recently a very esteemed and astute industry report was released, which spoke about all the latest trends and the insights in the field of big data science, including which tools are very much in demand, to what kind of salary is drawn by some of the most famous of professions and positions.
So far as the report goes, machine learning happens to one of the skills that takes away the cake. It is undoubtedly the best paying skill on the market. At the same time if an individual also happens to have perfect big data analytical skills, then the combination is a lethal one in terms of securing a high paying job. As this trends seems to be one which will have a sizable impact on the future, many are recommended to take note of it.
Earlier days were replete with the rule of licensed data analytical tools like SAS ruling the roost, but today it is the open source analytical tools like Hadoop, R Programming and so on that are gradually coming to power. Tools like Python and R Programming have effectively replaced SAS as the key player and ensure more pay to those with expertise in these tools. Investing more time in these and getting trained is a great choice to follow.
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Another trend that is rapidly being taken over by various big guns of the industry like Google is hiring of candidates who have dual expertise in the data analytical tools like SAS and Python, R and Python and so on. Mumbai continues to be the city where data analysts are paid the most, which is followed by Bengaluru and Delhi. Increment and promotions are usually dependent on your educational background or the fact that you’ve done some course or the other. This is why many individuals today have begun to opt for professional training courses in various data analytical tools which are offered by institutes like Imarticus Learning. These courses help them become entirely industry endorsed and jumpstart their careers.

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