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A B.Com degree is an in-demand course but not everyone is sure about what to do after this. While this can help land a high-salaried job it needs a thorough understanding to find the right career after this. If you are wondering what to do after completing your course, this article is to help you. We will discuss the various options you can choose and see how prosperous each career looks. 

Career options after B.Com

The top career options after B.Com are, 

  • Investment Banking: A New age banking and finance course or a banking and finance course after graduation will be a smarter choice as NAB is one of the most flourishing careers. Investment bankers can choose private wealth management, equity research, asset management, private equity, etc as specific fields. 
  • MBA: Getting an MBA after B.Com is a necessity but one must choose the right course here. There are online and offline courses available. One of the examples of online MBA courses in the MBA In Investment Banking & Equity Research accredited Jain University. 
  • Chartered accountancy is one of the oldest, most popular, and one of the best career options. The entry salary is decent but offers career growth options up to owning your own firm. 
  • A company secretary who manages a company’s finances, tax returns, ensuring legal regulations, etc, is an old-fashioned but thriving career. It is a tougher nut to crack but highly rewarding. 
  • A financial analyst is a globally recognized career option for B.Com graduates. It requires multi-level exams to clear the certification but the job prospects are higher when compared to other career options. 
  • The Business Accounting and Taxation sector offer career options such as tax consultant, tax analyst, company law assistant, account executive, corporate legal assistant, finance manager, etc. 
  • Financial Risk management: The financial risk management industry is a golden goose for B.Com degree holders who are interested in finance. There are short-term and long-term certification courses available.  
  • A Financial Planner can be a financial or insurance consultant with specific expertise in the fields of insurance, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. 
  • Public Accounting: The job responsibilities include preparing the various financial statements for audits, getting attestation services, financial reporting, informed decision-making, and promoting financial growth for companies and investors. 

Courses and career prospects

As vast as the career options for B.Com graduates is, people are skeptical about choosing their path. The popular stream these days is to choose some banking and finance courses after graduation

Here, the New age banking and finance course is highly regarded as the best option. Investment banking is a prosperous career that is challenging, thrilling, and rewarding. 

Courses such as PGP In New Age Banking offered as an 11-month course or a two-year MBA In Banking & Finance Management, is a wonderful opportunity. With an MBA you can start your career at a higher salary range. 


Everyone who is thinking about their future after B.Com might want to check the time, difficulty level, and cost of each course, before deciding on the best one. All the above-mentioned career options and the courses will give you incredible opportunities.

It just needs some careful assessment and finding your interests and skills to excel at any of these. B.Com has given you extraordinary preparation for a prosperous career. Now it is up to you to supplement the necessary skills to help yourself and move into a space that might be most suitable for you.

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