How to start a supply chain management and analytics career after college

Supply chain management course

An efficient supply chain management system is an asset to any business. It can completely transform a business by eliminating latencies and speeding up the delivery process. It also saves time and money for the customers. 

The key areas of Supply Chain Management are operations, and finances, which requires thorough knowledge. A Supply Chain Management (SCM) Analyst can go through the data to create predictions regarding customer demand in the future, thus creating a career in this field. If you are thinking along the lines of, how do I become an SCM analyst, we have the process explained to you. 

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management is the internal system of business companies that manage the flow of goods. The processes start from the raw material until it reaches the consumers as the final product. The SCM covers the major phases of planning and execution, such as production, development of the product or services, their marketing, the various operations involved in it, distribution of the materials and products, managing the finance of all the processes involved, and customer service. 

The Supply Chain Management system, which is now digital almost everywhere, generates a huge amount of data. The career as a Supply Chain Analyst is in-demand, as SCM requires analysis of performance or the system, identifying problems and finding solutions, and then developing a successful formula or ideas to improve the business.  

How do I become an SCM analyst?

To start a career in supply chain management and analyst career right out of college, one must enroll for a quality certificate course in Supply Chain Management that provides the basic qualification. Some of the careers in SCM analysis include Supply Planning Analyst, Supply and Operations Planner, Logistics Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, etc. 

The Professional Certification In Supply Chain Management & Analytics is a wonderful option as the course is approved by IIT Roorkee with a hands-on process for learning. It enables you to start a career as a Supply Chain Analyst with an attractive salary. It also provides quality mentoring during the course and beyond. 

Apart from qualifying, one must also develop analytical skills, mathematical skills, interpersonal skills, etc to excel in this career. Having 1-2 years of experience with a Master’s Degree can be highly boosting. It is a challenging career but at the same time highly rewarding to stay at the center of a business. Those who love this career often find it exciting. 

Since SCM requires some experience to have a stronger career, enrolling in courses that can provide placement assistance is key. 


If you are a strategic thinker, the dynamic industry of SCM is most suitable for you. It also comes with an attractive salary range which goes higher as you move higher in this career. A career in SCM can be more than the storage and shipping of goods. It is more about data management that helps find quick solutions to the problems. 

SCM requires a broader knowledge in all the fields related to this system. While it mainly concerns goods management, it also involves people management so having key personal skills are important. 

As attractive as the career looks, it can be pressurizing. So it is important to have an experienced mentor to polish those skills and learn how to face the challenges. A good certificate course in Supply Chain Management will have such facilities. Most importantly, a career in SCM will provide multiple options from a beginner to advanced levels in the supply chain system. 

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