Why is JavaScript So Popular For Full-Stack Development?

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JavaScript is one of the world’s leading programming languages. It has grown leaps and bounds since it came out in 1995. The possibilities of using JavaScript are endless – from front-end development to back-end development. Most new developers take upon the onus of learning this language for working as a Java full-stack developer.

Full Stack Developer course

Getting a full-stack developer certification can be beneficial for your career as recruiters look for candidates equipped with this skill. In this blog, we will find out why a large chunk of full-stack developers choose JavaScript for their work.

What is Full-Stack Development?

Web development consists of two classifications, front end and back end. Front-end development entails user interfaces such as graphical elements and the design of the app. The other end – the back end – covers the task which continues behind the scenes including databases, servers, APIs and more.

Full stack development includes both front-end and back-end tasks. A full-stack developer builds a website from scratch. It is their versatility that makes them so valuable when it concerns web development. If we compare the front end to the tip of an iceberg, then the back end is the portion below the water surface.

What are JavaScript Full-Stack Developer skills?

A JavaScript full-stack developer is a software engineer who knows how to develop both front-end and back-end tasks. They work both on the server and the client side. They need to know every layer of the tech stack. It is important that they possess the skills to change the whole of back-end components. Some necessary skills which full-stack JavaScript developers must possess are


A full-stack developer should have a good working knowledge of both HTTP and REST. Every developer knows the importance of both for full-stack JavaScript development.


HTML is a must for full-stack developers for determining the structure of web pages. They should also be CSS proficient to design an engaging and interactive front end.  The quality of the software rests a lot on HTML and CSS. The developers should be experts in these.

GitHub and Git

Full stack developers should familiarise themselves with basic Git commands. It will be easier to communicate with other developers since all of them are familiar with Git. Streamlined communication will ensure a synchronised app development method.


Full stack developers should know the method to organise files, execute computational activities, organise codes and arrange data. They should learn how web architecture works. These will enable them to easily develop high-end websites.


Since we are talking about full-stack JavaScript development, a thorough working knowledge of JavaScript is a must. The developers should also know ideas like Angular and React. JavaScript comes with a host of features useful in developing flexible apps such as prototypes, closure and functions.

Design Skills

It is a given that full-stack developers should possess fundamental design principles and skills such as UX and UI design, and scalability.

Soft Skills

Some soft skills which full-stack developers must possess are:

  • Patience
  • Time management skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Creative vision
  • Curiosity for learning 

Pros of Full-Stack JavaScript Development

There are plenty of reasons why JavaScript is popular for full-stack development. Top business organisations implement full-stack development due to this. A few of the benefits of full-stack JavaScript development are:

More efficient

A full-stack JavaScript developer uses the same programming language for front-end and back-end tasks. They are always in the know-how of changes happening in their projects. This ensures an efficient development process as a single developing team can handle the whole application.

Code reuse

JavaScript developers can reuse portions of code that follow similar implementation since the front end and back end both use JavaScript. The coding process is simpler and this even decreases the number of codes that the full-stack developers must write.

High performance

Using Node.js, full-stack JavaScript developers can build asynchronous apps. The developers can take the benefits of the non-blocking programming. The resulting software can run several processes independently. This has a positive role to play in the web app performance. Since JavaScript is the only language used for the web app, the user experience is of a higher quality.

Open source tools

The developers have the entire MEAN stack at their disposal which is open source. These tools are regularly updated as per the requirements. The users benefit a lot from these tools which play a significant role in improving user experience.

Enhanced teamwork

Collaboration is the basis of any industry which is also the case when it comes to app development. The JavaScript developers are knowledgeable in both front-end and back-end development. This lowers the chance of misunderstandings between team members.

Availability of talent

The number of experienced developers working with JavaScript is very high. This means there are many talented developers out there for companies to recruit for their full-stack development projects.


A lot of people think that high-quality services are always expensive. This is not the case for full-stack JavaScript development. This process is economical since companies do not require the services of back-end and front-end developers separately as a full-stack developer does all the work.

Availability of resources

Not only does JavaScript possess a range of tools, but it also has the most flourishing communities. There are several easily accessible libraries which the full stack developers can take help from. Thus, the developers get access to a lot of resources for developing apps. These resources can be documentation, forums and e-books and many more.

Who uses Full-Stack JavaScript Development?

It is important to know which projects are suitable for full-stack JavaScript development. A few of these are:

  • Internet of Things products
  • Fintech apps
  • E-commerce websites
  • Internet-based enterprise software
  • P2P apps and services (social media platforms, multi-user chats, online games)

What to consider when implementing Full-Stack Development?

The factors to consider consist of the following:

Knowledge of databases

In the IoT system, many linked devices communicate data with each other. Developers need to acquire all the information for data analysis and visualisation. A sound knowledge of relational and non-relational databases is necessary for data analysis.

Cloud development

A lot of IoT software needs cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS for operations and development. Working knowledge of cloud development is a must so that developers can make the software more resilient to face outages.

User interface

Companies should envision what the consumer of their app will see and feel. It is essential to know both UX and UI.


Security awareness is a must as it has a role to play if the app has to succeed. Companies should ensure device authorisation and authentication since all layers have their vulnerabilities. To improve the credibility of the app, top-notch security can go a long way.

Customer expectations

It is important to know what customers can expect from an app. Otherwise, the project can become derailed. Knowing the consumer requirements can assist in developing a viable product.


There are various reasons for the popularity of JavaScript for full-stack development. From its versatility and ease of updating to cost-effectiveness and availability of tools, JavaScript is the preferred language of most full-stack developers in the world.

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