Why Is Agile Marketing A Separate Thing from Agile Development?

Agile marketing is a term that is often confused with Agile Development, and both are used synonymous for each other, but the concepts are very different in the way that they are executed in a practical business scenario.

Most people think that just using the concepts of development in agile marketing will make it successful and productive, but they need to understand that agile marketing will only be effective when the appropriate updates and changes are being done to the concepts of development.

These two concepts are fundamentally related, but there are some significant differences in the way they are executed. To have a firm grip on the Agile marketing, the knowledge about Agile Development can prove beneficial, but it can also be disadvantageous in a particular manner.

The points of differentiation between these two concepts are as follows:

  • Agile marketing is all about changing the mindset of consumers about a product or service and enhancing the customer's behaviour whereas agile development is only concerned with delivering of features.For a developer, the point of being satisfied in his job comes when he is successfully able to deliver the features or a product in the market. The common terms used in the development teams are backlogs and sprints; where at the end of the sprint, the success is measured by the increment in the number of products shipped.

But, in the marketing team, the success is measured by the change in the behaviour of a consumer. For agile marketers, only the delivery of features or products is not sufficient but all they are concerned with is the increase in results regarding the business.

  • While Agile marketing is a goal-oriented process, agile development focuses only on the tasks. Where the former one focuses on the results that they get through their activities, the latter one solely focuses on performing the activity or completing a job and are not concerned with the results.For e.g. Developing a social media campaign is a task whereas measuring the success of the campaign and increasing the reach of Social media through that campaign is the goal that the marketer focuses upon. You learn all about these differences when you pursue agile business analysis courses, to understand business thoroughly.
  • Agile marketers put their focus on Why a business task is supposed to be performed, where agile developers directionless perform tasks without having any aim or motive. They just focus on completing the list of jobs assigned to them without knowing what they would lead to. Agile marketing is not just about completing the tasks faster but is more about fast completion of tasks with having, significant goals in mind.
  • Agile marketing also focuses upon measuring the response of consumer and quickly adapting to the changes happening in the market and mend the operations accordingly. Since it is a result-oriented process, it doesn't only focus on doing things speedily but also keeps a check on whether the speed is not compromising with the consumer behaviour.
  • Working as an Agile marketer is all about working in the team of Agile developers but with potential consumers and targeted audience. It's all about collaborating with them, and that's what you learn when you pursue agile business analysis courses. These courses will teach you the effective ways of measuring the goals and also teach you the collaborative work-culture.

These were the major differences which make agile marketing altogether a different activity then agile development and separates the way of execution of both the concepts. Through this, we can easily comprehend how both the concepts are different despite being similar to each other.

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