How Your Job Will Be Stable If You Start A Career in Blockchain?

The blockchain technology has moved beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and has a wide array of theoretical applications. Many start-ups, legacy company, tech firms and government agencies are hiring blockchain developers towards the development of their projects such as ICOs, digital wallets, incorporation of blockchain technologies smart contracts into accounting, HR, finance and IT functions of large-sized enterprises etc., as a result of this a career in blockchain can be a highly lucrative option.
Career in Blockchain
Blockchain has become the equivalent of ‘the cloud’ of the mid-2000s and is predicted to become the next big thing. The blockchain is one of the fastest growing skills in the industry, and the current demand is exceeding the supply of blockchain engineers and developers available within the marketplace.
Some of the most in-demand blockchain jobs in the marketplace are:

  • Blockchain developer

There is a high demand for blockchain developers in the market as the industry is still in its infancy, has enormous potential, everyone is gearing up to become the market leader in this domain. The scope and full potential of blockchain developer are yet to be discovered entirely with the technology having immense potential.
The position of a blockchain developer can be one of the safest position within the industry due to the versatility of the position, a blockchain developer is in a position of offer multiple roles and can be transferred almost anywhere within the horizontal of the company.

  • Blockchain Project Manager

The roles and responsibilities of a blockchain project manager involve connecting the wide range of dots within the organisation’s business cases within the development of blockchain-based technology. They have to coordinate with multiple blockchain experts within and outside of the organisation involved in the development of blockchain related projects of the company.
These professionals are required to have knowledge and experience of working within the industry, technical know-how and should be able to communicate project reports and status to various stakeholders who do not have the technical understanding of blockchain. These positions are often filled on a project basis and hence have some level of instability and lack of job security.

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

These are the equivalent of quality control and quality assurance engineers of blockchain and can be considered as one of the most important careers in the blockchain. They are required to test and ensure the quality of all areas of the blockchain-based product or project. They are further required to test, automate and test a wide array of frameworks within the blockchain. Blockchain quality engineers also guide the testing of the strategy of development of blockchain and maintaining quality test standards.

  • Blockchain legal consultant and attorney

With the advancement and introduction of newer technologies, a wide array of legal questions, implications can arise. Companies and businesses need to hire legal experts towards addressing these questions and concerns and safeguarding them from any foreseeable legal complications. Legal experts help businesses and companies to understand and prepare them to face and protect them from various scenarios which have legal implications.
Probably one of the most stable positions in any industry, blockchain legal consultants and attorneys is deemed to be one of the most lucrative careers for legal and blockchain professionals.
The Verdict
The decline of prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is no indication for the future of the Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology might be the underlying technology for Bitcoin, but it has a wide array of implications and development of these technologies is still in its infancy.
As and when the blockchain technology will evolve, it will open more opportunities can avenues for a career in the blockchain. While it is impossible to predict how the blockchain technology will shape up in the future, a career in blockchain is expected to be quite stable and lucrative for blockchain engineers and professionals.

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