Why Email Marketing Should Be A Key Pillar For a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

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We live in a digital world where our lives are governed by the technology around us. Today, everything is a click away. From medical services to shopping for apparel, more and more businesses are undergoing a digital transformation. And to keep services and products at the top of customers’ preferences, it is essential for companies to embrace digital marketing. 

The ever-growing dependence of big and small businesses on digital marketing has made it an ineludible aspect of sales and marketing. Of the many forms of digital marketing, one of the key channels is email marketing. Yes, emails. Are they still relevant in 2021? 

In this article, an attempt has been made to discuss what it takes to have a successful digital marketing career and recommend various online digital marketing courses available at your disposal to further your aspirations.

Email Marketing: An Overview

As we all know, digital marketing utilizes the various platforms of the internet for brand reach and promotion of products and services. There are several forms of digital marketing that companies deploy including content marketing and social media marketing. However, the most effective and reliable marketing channel continues to be emails - one of the oldest forms of digital communication. 

Email marketing is when promotions are sent directly to people’s inboxes in mass quantities. With the development of communication avenues like social media, emails may seem to be irrelevant in 2021. But the truth is far from it.

Why Build A Strong Email Marketing Campaign?

The email has a user base of over 4 million people (and growing), making it one of the most powerful and far-reaching tools in terms of usage. Email is indispensable in our lives. Additionally, email marketing can result in a return of $38 for every dollar spent. The unceasing popularity of emails is largely due to the fact that they aren’t susceptible to algorithms. With emails, marketers can own the relationship with the audience. There is immense scope of personalization to increase the reach and appeal in an extremely cost-effective way.

For these reasons, a well-crafted email marketing strategy that taps into the pulse of the audience goes a long way in creating strong brand recall and ensuring optimal product reach. Because of the efficacy, digital marketers consider email marketing a key pillar of a successful digital marketing strategy. 

A Career in Digital Marketing

It is estimated that by 2027, the global digital marketing industry will grow by 17.4%. Opportunities in the digital marketing sector are expected to grow rapidly. Digital marketers are in high demand in any firm and a career in digital marketing is extremely lucrative, providing both job satisfaction and a hefty salary. 

Companies on the lookout for a digital marketer often seek a degree from a reputed university or institutionalized digital marketing training. Moreover, work experience in the field is a huge plus. For aspiring digital marketers, it is important to develop the ability to be on top of industry trends and build creative strategies.

Market research and analysis, SEO specialization, email, content and campaign strategy, and social media understanding are skills that boost a candidate’s chance of securing a high-paying digital marketing position. 


When you are looking to learn digital marketing to advance your prospects in the profession, it is a good idea to start with a holistic and well-rounded course such as a PG program in digital marketing that would help get the basics clear. Pair this with a thorough study of case studies, contemporary trends, and successful strategies to gain an edge over your competitors. 

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