Why are financial markets courses gaining popularity?

There is an increased interstate in people towards finance and investments. They want to make more investments and naturally want to learn more about its ups and downs. They are also willing to spend time learning new areas to achieve their financial goals. 

On the other hand, this growing interest in people has opened doors for the industry to come up with niche skills and courses that focus on specific topics rather than a border syllabus to be learned over a lengthy period. 

The availability of such specific topics as short-term courses is one of the major reasons for the popularity of courses on financial markets these past couple of years. But it is not the only cause for its popularity. Here are some other significant reasons. 

#1 More trading and investments

The pandemic has forced many towards trading. While the majority are trading based on the various reports on the media, the smarter investors rely on the experts to make trading. The larger investors suddenly needed more experts with them. This increase in demand for such expert investors had led to a rush for the courses for investment banking.  

#2 Precise curriculum

While there is a multitude of online and offline courses in financial marketing and investment banking, only those with a precise curriculum and specific niche are gaining popularity. They are also able to produce experts in those specific fields and can land more jobs. 

One such course is the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) at Imarticus which focuses on financial marketing, trade life cycle, and risk management. The course prepares the aspirants for the industry with the help of industry experts. Here, the aspirants will be getting trading simulations for a more hands-on experience during this 180 hrs long course. 


Keeping up with the growing and changing technology is key for all professionals to maintain or improve their career prospects. This is why upskilling is part of the career that many professionals are constantly making use of.

For finance professionals, upskilling is essential, without which many could not have productive work. For the millennials, upskilling is a way to ensure a safe financial future. They also prefer those short-term courses online rather than spending a lengthy period on-campus.

Improve knowledge base

The short-term financial marketing and investment banking courses are more reliable for newcomers in the financial world or professionals looking to improve their knowledge base. Though there are various blogs and videos available online, these courses offer them a more reliable source for information.

They can also get expertise from the industry leaders. Since there is no age bar for such courses, anyone who has a basic degree could pursue them and learn investment banking to become an investment banker.  

This is why courses such as CIBOP will be helpful for them and can also help them gain an interview with the leading companies. They will get constant assistance with their career progress as well. 


Financial marketing and investment banking (IB) were not so popular until the end of 2020. These two industries have seen an exponential increase in participation and career prospects. In 2021, the popularity of these industries has grown such that they are among the top 5 in terms of demand for the related courses.

Financial courses such as IB, Fintech, and Financial Analysis Prodegree, etc., are a few examples. Even the industry giants are entering the ed-tech field. The CIBOP course at Imarticus is done in association with the London Stock Exchange Group. 

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