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Chatbot, the computer program made using artificial intelligence, mimics human conversation and can reply automatically to queries. The key player inside this program is Natural Language Processing (NLP) which helps with the ‘translation’ of the human queries into a form that the machine can understand. 

It involves data analysis and giving the right input to make the machine capable of doing what it is expected to. When you have the resources, it is now easier to build a bot with the right NLP tools and platforms.

When do you need a Facebook bot?

The Facebook bot is used for the FB pages to improve customer service, to make communication easier for the transactions in e-commerce, etc. It is a way of optimizing the overall customer satisfaction and taking the business forward. 

Facebook has its own user interface called that helps with the creation of intents, agents, and entities. It is completely free, comes with a manual, and integrates well with NLP. Most importantly, it works well with Python, Nodje.js, and Ruby. For those who are familiar with the codes and are willing to spend some time, a Facebook bot building is possible for anyone. 

How to create a Facebook bot?

  • Create a Facebook account and have a page dedicated to your business or brand.
  • Connect the business account or the page with the Bot builder of Facebook. 
  • After going through the manual carefully, start by creating a welcoming reply which will be the default for all customers. 
  • Now comes the most important conversation structure that helps with the navigation of the conversations. It includes pictures, URLs, audio, video, or any kind of media, etc., depending upon the expectations from this chatbot.
  • Once the structure is done, provide the necessary inputs for the dialogues while making sure that they are brief, clear, and relevant. 
  • The next step is creating the ‘brain’ or AI that works with the structure to perform specific tasks according to the commands recognized and received.  
  • Test the new bot for any errors and malfunctions. Go through every aspect and structure of the bot. 
  • The final step is to launch the chatbot by providing the link to your Facebook page. 

Is it as easy as it looks?

In simple terms, yes, it is as easy as it sounds. But the catch here is to have someone who knows about the technology and is familiar with data analysis and machine learning. Those who have completed courses such as the Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics will be a good contender for this task. 

The reason is, the Facebook UI has a steeper learning curve and can take some time to complete. The UI does not offer any visual aspect for the whole programming. So it needs some coding to do and a few other technical nuances to ace the process. So a professional, experienced or a beginner would be requisite. When all these necessities are fulfilled, then yes, creating a Facebook bot will be easy. 


Regardless of the difficulty level of creating one, the Facebook bot has become one of the most efficient ways of connecting with customers. There are several other platforms such as Dialogflow to help with this creation. If you are interested in building such fascinating tools and technologies do enroll in the data analytics course.

The best Data Analytics course with placement will give you the necessary boost to help you land the job, as early as possible. 

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