Which Sectors Could Have Half A Million Job Openings For Beginners And Older Workers?

Business Management


In today’s apprehensive era, employment is changing its dimensions like never before. There create uncertainty and panic. A gap between the demand for jobs and skills required for it is quite evident. A lot of sectors are going through ambiguity as to what will happen next, in terms of demand, supply, distribution, hiring, and much more. So, the question that arises is what is the scope of business management in a VUCA environment? Which sectors will contribute heavily in generating job and income opportunities?

The sectors which will see growth in hiring

Technology: With the advent of new technologies, there is an increasing blend of life and work for a new reality. We are ever so connected at a global scale which has evolved the job scenario, mindsets and skills. Tech companies are hiring exponentially as they move to capitalize on a world shifting increasingly to digital as a result of the coronavirus.

Technology in Business ManagementDespite mass lay-offs elsewhere and growing concerns over plummeting global markets, Technology companies like Amazon hired more than 100,000 people. Working seamlessly from home and learning on the go has already been a known corner in the technology space. These days, as other sectors are still accepting the shift, the tech companies are way ahead of it.

Banking & Finance: In a disruptive and technological time, banking and finance professionals will emerge as the innovators, pivoting on data to direct businesses into the future. These businesses will also serve customers on a global scale. A good understanding of disruptive technology such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital reality will be required to lead the banking and finance sector into the new age.

Banking and Finance Future banking professionals should be skilled at not only theory or practical aspects of banking but should also have an edge in technological skills. Job profiles such as financial analysts, risk managers, financial forecasts etc are very lucrative and promise overall career growth and development.

Communications: With every passing day we realise how communication plays a very important role. It is indispensable and pretty many drives the free flow of information in the economy. Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations in all our life dimensions are changing the fundamentals of work. This has put a greater emphasis on the importance of strong communication skills.

 The capability to articulate our point of view to influence and engage the stakeholders will be vital, whether it’s customers, media, employees, shareholders, community groups, government or regulators. It is imperative to communicate effectively if we want to establish valuable partnerships. This is where the role of communication professionals comes into play. Content creation, PR and Branding management etc are rising opportunities.

Market Research: With the broadening scope of business management, a lot of new avenues are being discovered. Businesses are exploring and scrutinizing these areas with comprehensive research to assess the feasibility for the same. At such a time the demand for professional researchers has increased.

Business ManagementResearchers who are an expert with statistical tools, data analysis and techniques, observations etc are growing in leaps and bounds. These researchers are also hired to solve various kinds of problems that an organisation faces and are paid heavily for it. A Business Management training will give you better insights.

Website development: Due to the online shift, all businesses are investing in developing their online presence. The first way to grab a consumer's attention, online, is through a strategically designed and developed website. Owing to such scenarios, website designing becomes very crucial. User interaction and User experience have been the buzz of the digital town.

A good website is not only the one which has an interactive design but which is also intuitive is by nature. With website development, comes a lot of interconnected technological profiles such as that of an SEO manager, SEM specialist, graphic designer and much more.

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