Does Corporate Finance Excite You? Here Are Some Investment Banking Courses Which Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Be it the high-pay or the extravagant lifestyle of investment bankers, graduates have largely started to gravitate towards investment banking. If you are attracted to this job profile or interested in this field, then you may want to select an investment banking course that is right for you.

Investment banker courses have now been tailored for both graduates and postgraduates to enhance their knowledge and make them a good fit for the banking sector. 

Eligibility to Become an Investment Banker

Before applying for an Investment banker course, you need to evaluate whether you have the essential qualifications to apply for the same. Investment banking courses online usually look for -

  1. Graduates and postgraduates (degree in finance, mathematics, engineering, analytics, accounting, and economics is preferred)
  2. MBAs
  3. Chartered Accountants
  4. Working professionals in the field
  5. Financial Risk Managers or Chartered Financial Analysts

Investment Banking Courses

Investment banking courses in India will boost your financial aptitude and give you a good knowledge of the market you’re about to work in. Here are some of the best investment banking courses online that you can choose from to boost your expertise in the field -

  • Certificate in Investment Banking Operations from with LSE (London Stock Exchange Group)

This course will give you an in-depth knowledge of investment banking and its complexities. It is one of the investment banking courses with placement on the market. Plus, it comes with a CIBOP certificate which makes it one of the best investment banking courses in India

PGDM Capital Marketing

This program will be good for you if you are looking for a shorter investment banking course duration. Plus, another upside is that it takes on any graduate from a recognized university and inculcates the knowledge of an investment banker in them.

  • Post Graduate Program in Financial Management

This program is a prestigious course offered by the Chennai Business School. It offers knowledge of various subjects relating to the field such as corporate laws, financial statement analysis, financial modeling, and business intelligence. The course in itself is good but the investment banking course fees for this program are pretty hefty.

  • MBA in Masters in Financial Management

It is a part-time banking course after graduation which will give you in-depth topics like financial accounting, business management, cost management, managerial economics, financial management, research methodology, taxation, business law, and financial planning. The investment banking course fees are not much, but it is spread across a timeline of three years.

  • PGDM (BM) Finance

It is a course approved by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education). This program is also recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). It will give you enhanced knowledge on the subjects of finance, tax and business. The course covers topics like commercial banking, insurance, wealth management, export finance and credit management.

  • Masters In Financial Management (MFM)

It is a two-year course accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation). It takes on any graduate with a three-year degree recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Topics like accounting, tax and financial markets are deeply taught in this course.

  • PG Diploma in Finance Management

This certificate in investment banking course details is not much as it has a one-year duration course with only two semesters, which makes it one of the shortest courses in the field. It gives you a good understanding of the financial market and enhances your present knowledge.

Completing investment banking courses after graduation can make your job as an investment banker more exciting and challenging for you. You don’t need to look for investment banking courses with placement. You just need to look for an investment banking course duration that suits you. If you complete any of the investment banker courses, the right job will come looking for you. 

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