What the future of cyber security looks like

What the future of cyber security looks like

Cybersecurity is considered to be a separate area within IT security. It is a very newly formed fragment of Information Technology (IT). In recent years, cybersecurity has evolved drastically and has gained immense significance due to the enormous growth of the Coronavirus pandemic. During which nearly the entire population shifted to the online or virtual world.

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A career in cybersecurity is very lucrative as more businesses and activities are being performed online, which is creating grave security threats. This career option has more potential and opportunities in the future as well.

What is Cybersecurity?

The procedure of securing computer systems and networks from digital or cyber-attacks is known as cybersecurity. The attackers tend to sabotage or alter information from a system. Therefore, cybersecurity is required to protect all the sensitive and vital information of a system from these attacks.

What Does the Future of Cybersecurity Look Like?

Here is a prediction list for the future of cybersecurity: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be embedded in all future Cybersecurity systems

Presently, many industries are using AI along with machine language (ML). These algorithms can perform tasks, take decisions and crunch data way faster than any human being. 

In the future, AI will be potentially exploited by cyber-attackers and will create high cybersecurity risks for any company. Therefore, companies need to protect their AI by developing technologies that can counteract such cyber-attacks. 

Moreover, in upcoming times, cybersecurity specialists will themselves utilise AI to detect any security breach and counteract such cyber-attacks.

IT security industry will prioritise cyberwarfare threats more than ever 

Cyberwarfare is a cyber-attack where a nation-state hacks or tends to damage sensitive information of another nation-state. This can take place by embedding viruses in the computer system or network of the targeted country or countries. In the last decade, the world has faced much cyber warfare. 

There is high possibility that the world might see more cyber warfare in the future. To protect themselves, industries have to develop infrastructures that would have the ability to resist these cyber wars. Therefore, manifold layers of cybersecurity must be present in the system of airport networks, traffic systems and hospital systems.

The number of hackers will increase in the future 

A recent study carried out by the University of Maryland has unveiled that on average, every 39 seconds a case of cyber hack takes place. These attacks are conducted by using robotic scripts that can be only written by tech-savvy people. Therefore, it is predicted that cybersecurity developers will have to tackle more hackers in the future.

In many developing countries, there is a rapid improvement in the standard of education. Unfortunately, there are insufficient jobs for these well-trained tech workers. Hence, many are forced to turn into cyber hackers.

Developing strong cybersecurity will become indispensable 

With increasing numbers of cyber-attacks, companies have to invest heavily to protect themselves in upcoming years. At the same time, the cybersecurity industry is facing an immeasurable shortage of workers. In this scenario, the organisations or companies are encouraging the training of their current workers to become white hat or ethical hackers through various online certified professional ethical hacker courses.

Legacy tech will carry on developing high cybersecurity risks 

Legacy tech is the term used for outdated systems which are still in use without any upgradation. Therefore, these legacy systems are prone to cyber-attacks as they lack the latest security patches. 

The problem of legacy tech will still be a major issue in future years as well. Numerous companies are satisfied with their current system and would never upgrade them. And, hackers would surely notice such legacy systems. Hence, cyber security specialists need to prepare themselves to counteract such attacks.


The future of the cybersecurity industry is very fruitful. There are ample job scopes in this field. To seek success, one needs to get himself/herself enrolled in an online cybersecurity certification course. Therefore, Imarticus Learning is conducting an online cybersecurity course guided by experts that will open windows of opportunities.

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