Making it through an investment banking course with placement: Step-by-step approach

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Making it through an investment banking course with placement: Step-by-step approach

To work as an investment banker, you must stand out. In addition to having good qualifications and experience, you also need to put in some effort. 

You can take an investment banking course or other job-specific training courses. The way these courses are structured can vary significantly between institutions, so let's look at what makes them so different!

Step 1: Enhance your skills

  • Networking. This is probably the essential part of your journey, and it's an area where you can continuously improve. 
  • Classes and workshops are also an excellent way of further honing your skills.
  • Reading books about finance or investing will help prepare you for bank interviews. 
  • Watching videos on Youtube can also be helpful; plenty of them cover everything from interviewing techniques down to day-to-day tasks like writing reports so take advantage of them whenever possible!

Step 2: Write a perfect resume

Now that everything is in order, it's time to write your resume.

  • Use a professional font that's easy to read and looks good on paper. 
  • List achievements rather than responsibilities: Hiring managers want to know what skills and experiences have led up until now; they don't necessarily care about all of the work products associated with each position.
  •  Don't lie about the previous experience: If there were any instances where something didn't go according to plan during college, then include those here as well!

Step 3: Attend mock interviews

If you're nervous about going into an interview unprepared (and who isn't?), you must prepare as much as possible before the big day. The more prepared you are—and the better prepared you feel—the less likely it is that anything will go wrong during the meeting itself.

Step 4: Prepare for the interview

Finally (and this is probably where most people fail), practice answering common interview questions with someone else until you feel comfortable with how much information you can safely share without sounding too smooth or rehearsed. This applies if there aren't many similar candidates applying who have already been interviewed by them recently enough.

You should have prepared for your interview in the previous step, so now it's time to research the actual company and its culture. It will help you get a better feel for what type of environment you would thrive in and give insights into how long it might take before landing an offer from them. 

Discover a career in finance and banking with Imarticus Learning

Students can start a career in the financial markets with the aid of the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional program. Learners who complete this investment banking certification course with placement will acquire the skills and knowledge required to succeed in banking, treasury, and clearing services at all production stages. Finance, strategic planning, financial management, and the evaluation of investment prospects are all topics covered in the investment banking course curriculum.

Course Benefits for Learners:

  • Students will learn financial services, including managing complex derivative products and securities throughout their trade-life cycles.
  • Learners will receive the support they require to launch their investment banking careers.
  •  Learners who complete this financial markets training will receive an industry-recognized certificate.

 Contact us through chat support, or drive to one of our training centers in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, or Ahmedabad.

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