What Makes a Good Business Analyst?

Business Analyst

Companies have transformed how they work. This has given rise to several new job roles coming up in the corporate world. The companies have now brought in a business analyst to perform several critical functions understanding the intricacies of the business.

A business analyst is not a regular product manager. They have to manage the technicalities of the entire business. Also, they require a diverse skillset because they have to handle a lot of activities within the organizations.

Becoming a good business analyst

A good business analyst has to have a lot of qualities. A business analyst course can help you in imbibing these qualities. Some of the characteristics of a good business analyst are:

  1. Uses the right approach: A business analyst knows how to deal with problems. He is the best person who knows how to use the right approach. Business analysts are known to be amazing problem solvers and analytical thinkers.
    Business Analysts know how to tackle a problem and come up with innovative solutions. A business analyst course would help in understanding the approach required to come up with solutions.
  2. Comes with the right skill set: Business analysts have a lot of different skills that can be used in making the business operations much more effective. Some of the common skills that a business analyst has includes analytical modelling, programming, arithmetic structuring, etc. These skills help in capturing and meeting business requirements. These skills are not innate. They can be easily built over some time. You could take up a business analyst course to get a better understanding of the work to be done. Also, data crunching is a very important part of a business analyst's job.
  3. Uses effective communication skills and techniques: A lot of activities which is performed by a business analyst is very important to the organization. Also, the results are used by several stakeholders. Therefore, a business analyst needs to be able to communicate these results effectively to the management and the other stakeholders involved in the activity. Also, business analysts use a lot of technical jargons and a technical language. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a business analyst to break down the complicated language into a simple one so that it becomes easy to understand.
  4. Proficient planning: The job of a business analyst is quite dynamic. With a sudden change in the business environment, his process will change immediately. Therefore, business analysts need to have a solid plan in place before laying hands on other activities. A good business analyst analyses the prevailing market trends and predicts how the future is likely to be. This provides a medium to formulate an effective plan. Also, a plan should be both comprehensive and responsive to change. This will ensure the addressing of any elements of ambiguity.
  5. Never stops learning: Businesses evolve every day. They never stop growing. Therefore, a business analyst needs to grow with the environment. A good business analyst keeps updating his skillsets based on the demand and the market. Also, a business analyst needs to be very innovative with his approaches and solution. He cannot afford to keep using the same tried and tested models to come with solutions in this agile world.

A business analyst needs to play with different options. This brings out the best in an organisation. Also, analysts should expand their knowledge base now and then and also make themselves aware of the different kind of analytical toolsets.

There are other good qualities of a business analyst too. You can take up different courses from Imarticus learning to know more about business analysts and also to become one.

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