What Is Content Marketing and How It Can Help to Build a Career in Digital Marketing?

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Content marketing is a less invasive approach to reach and interact with customers when compared to traditional marketing. Content marketing aims to attract customers by providing informative, helpful, interesting, entertaining, and engaging content.

Content marketing is a strategic business and marketing process focused on creating, distributing, and measuring valuable, consistent, and relevant content to attract & retain a defined audience and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Wondering how to explore a career in content marketing? This blog post explains all you need to know about content marketing and the skills required to make a career and all you need to know about online digital marketing courses!

What does a content marketer do?

Content creation:

Content creation entails the creation of well-defined content for the target audience. Before creating content, it is imperative to understand what the marketer wants readers to learn. Content goes hand in hand with SEO in this new digital age.

Content distribution:

Content distribution is vital to make the right content reach the right audience through the right platform. Content distribution is generally done through forums, social media channels, Q&A sites, etc.


Measuring and tracking are vital aspects is important. Consistent reports & constant tracking through analytic tools are vital to conclude future actions.

Skills needed to be a Content Marketer.

Research skills:

Creating a piece of content needs a certain level of knowledge that can only be acquired through research.

Writing skills and grammar:

Writing is the essence of the content. To thrive as a content marketer, be super comfortable with words. When writing for the web, possessing exceptional grammatical skills and vocabulary is not enough. It is vital to understand the target audience and needs, content, and tone of the brand. Being comfortable with different writing styles is a prerequisite.

SEO and other technical skills:

SEO is inevitable for web-writing. Optimizing content for search engines is essential. Some vital SEO factors include keyword research skills, relevant keywords, optimizing page title, meta-description optimization, optimizing images, etc. Organizations highly appreciate technical skills.

Design and creative skills:

As a content marketer, you may work with images and visual content such as infographics, data visualization, and creating/editing videos. Thus, it is vital to have a basic knowledge of design tools.

Project and content management skills:

A content marketer is responsible for looking after several things. For common operations like maintaining an editorial calendar, keeping up with social media posts, assigning tasks, managing blog, tracking relevant metrics, etc. Knowledge of project software tools is essential.

Content marketing as a career

Content marketing is one of the hottest & fastest-growing careers in the marketing and advertising space today. Employment opportunities for content marketers have outnumbered other openings in the marketing domain. These figures are going to expand further in the coming years.

The average salary of a content marketer in India is close to INR 5,42,000 per year. The salary range varies per the individual's experience and background and can go up to INR 11,08,000 per year. While content creation entails creativity, a great content marketer utilizes creative content in a data-driven space.

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