What is Business Management As a Course?

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What is Business Management?

Business management is a culmination of two disciplines which involve organising, planning and investigating various business activities. By taking up a business management course one will have the opportunity to confidently work in a variety of industries at a variety of positions.

Business Management as a Branch of Education
As a subject, business management is a particular division of education that imparts knowledge and coaching on topics related to planning, analysing, overseeing and implementation of a business endeavour.

A person taking up a business management course will learn how the establishment of a corporation or an organization is done along with gaining information on establishing various functional units. These units include production, finance, administration, human resources (HR), sales and marketing.

The best part about a business management course and the field of business management is that it is inclusive of people of all backgrounds, that is, commerce, arts or science. Students can study business management at an undergraduate, postgraduate or even doctoral level.

Courses and Specializations under Business Management

The courses available will differ when considering the level of education an aspirant is looking at. When talking in terms of an undergraduate (UG) student, the courses generally available are as follows:

  1. BBA
  2. BMS
  3. BBM
  4. Integrated MBA
  5. BBA LLB

When talking in terms of a postgraduate (PG) student, the courses generally available are as follows:

  1. MBA
  2. Executive MBA
  3. Distance MBA

If an aspirant is looking for courses at a doctoral level, the generally available ones are as follows:

  1. PhD
  2. MPD
  3. FPM

Some of the various fields in which one can use business management are as follows:

At a BBA level:

  • Human Recourses
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Family Business
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • International Trade and Business

At an MBA level the possibilities remain the same as the above along with a few additions:

  • ¬†Entrepreneurship
  • Advertising
  • NGO Management
  • Sports Management
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure
  • Retail
  • Material Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Textile Management
  • Public Policy
  • Accountancy
    And the list goes on.

Jobs That a Person Can Bag With a Background in Business Management

The versatility of the fields that a person can choose with a background in business management is what makes the course so popular today. Among these jobs are:

  1. Management Trainee: This job involves working under the guidance of superiors while performing the function of a manager. They would be required to know about the various operations and make sure that the work is handled in time.
  2. Sales Representative: This job involves the selling of goods, maintaining customer relations, keeping a record of present customers, and pulling new customers.
  3. Marketing Executive: People in this job are required to formulate various plans to increase the number of sales by pushing the reach of the goods they provide. They also help in strategising plans and executing them.
  4. Manager: By supervising subordinates work, thus ensure everything gets done on time, a managers job is to maintain stability and increase revenue. They help in organising the daily functioning of particular departments, often pushing them to meet targets by encouraging them.
  5. Assistant Manager: The job of a person at this level would entail helping the manager in any areas they would require assistance while handling and organising a department.
  6. Financial Analyst: By collecting information on various areas of financial improvement and analysing it, a financial analyst is responsible for identifying the various opportunities available to an enterprise. This would require handling stocks, funds, bonds, etc.
  7. Business Analyst: Responsible for predicting and finding the risks and loopholes in a particular project, a business analyst is a very important asset to any organization. They act as advisors to superiors, thus helping in the planning of future projects.

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