Tips for Data Science Graduates Starting Their Career Amid Global Pandemic

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Starting your career amidst the global pandemic crisis and the worst ever recession is the last thing anybody wants to do. But you are left with no choice. The crisis is going to stay for longer, and you do not know when will the economy recuperate. Things could change forever. So, you need to strive to get through this. The good news for data science career aspirants is that businesses are becoming more and more data-centric and data-driven, and this opens doors to new job opportunities. All you need to do is to horn your skills and be ready to seize the best opportunity that comes your way. Another great thing is that most of the data science jobs are flexible and can be done remotely. However, virtual hiring process and kickstarting a career with virtual onboarding process may not be comfortable for a fresh graduate. If you are in the same shoes, worried about starting a career at the wrong time, here are some interesting tips that would help you deal with this situation.

Prepare Yourself to Deliver the Best

The pandemic has changed the way business is done. Businesses collect massive data, and they require a skilful data scientist to process this data. Now people are more online than ever before, and this means that the importance of collection and processing of data is increasing. This has made data scientists one of the most critical resources for organizations which aims at bringing out better business outcomes. Thus, data science career opportunities are increasing and diversifying. However, customer behaviour and data patterns are changing at a high pace, and this makes the job even tougher. New graduates should participate in hackathons to prepare themselves to handle the highly dynamic data.

Use LinkedIn

Needless to say, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform. And there is not a better time to spice up your profile than this. Recruiters are actively using this platform and you should spend time to create a good profile. Add a profile picture and a good background image. Make sure you add a formal image, avoid face filters. If you are a fresher, you can add your academic projects to show your experience. Make sure that you fill in all the sections. Recommendations come a long way in increasing your credibility. Try to add at least 4-5 recommendations. Follow industry experts and be a part of a professional group to discuss and stay updated on your field of interest.

Rework on Your Resume

Experts say that recruiters do not spend more than 5-7 seconds on a resume. This is because of the huge volume of applications they get in response to a job posting. So, your resume should be designed in a way that captures the best of your skills and experience and presents them in a nutshell. Also, they say that the resume should not be longer than two pages. Many recruiters use Application Tracker Software (ATS) to screen the resume. It is done by matching the keywords related to the skills and experience stated in a resume with the job description. So, make sure that you edit your resume to incorporate the keywords given in the job role. This indeed means that you need to create a custom-made resume for each job opening. However, you need not create a new resume every time. You can create a basic structure and keep making changes to it.

Take Up Gig Assignments

Till you land on a full-time job, try to take up gig projects. This not only gets you a small income but also provides you with relevant experience to showcase on your resume. This is also an excellent opportunity to connect with other professionals and to showcase your skills.
Although the requirement for data scientists is increasing because of the changing business and economic landscapes, businesses would prefer to hire experienced professionals. This is going to be the most difficult challenge a fresh graduate is going to face. So, to make things work, freshers should consider taking up more independent projects and freelance works to showcase their experience. With the right combination of qualification, skills, and experience, kickstarting a data science career is not a tough nut to crack even during the pandemic crisis.

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