What is Affiliate Marketing and What Kinds of Businesses Can it Help?

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In today's highly digitised world, an opportunity of making money anytime anywhere with zero investment cannot be turned down. Affiliates can promote products and services to earn a commission through affiliate marketing. The affiliate chooses a product or a service of their niche and promotes it on different platforms to get a share of the revenue earned through the transaction.

digital marketing course

The sales in affiliate marketing are observed from one website to another via affiliate connections and links. It is a very impressive way of facilitating sales and generating income through online marketing platforms. One can effectively learn the concept of affiliate marketing with the help of a MarTech course that walks one through the whole procedure of affiliate marketing.

Read on and understand the step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing to fetch a better understanding of how it can benefit businesses. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning money online. It works effectively on a pay-per-recommendation basis which means an affiliate will earn a commission every time a customer makes a purchase using the link or coupon code. It is basically concerned with recommendations and the purchases that have been made on those recommendations. An affiliate marketer also assists the business and works inherently to increase sales as a part of the sales strategy.

However, the affiliate marketer earns through the sales of the product which has been influenced by his recommendation. Here, the idea is to refer to a product or a service through various means of social media platforms and websites like blog posts, Instagram posts etc. Every time a consumer makes a purchase using the special referral link or code linked to their recommendation, the affiliate gets paid a commission. 

In the age of social media, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity, especially for the young generations. It is completely a performance-based opportunity and if it is done properly it results in the effective generation of income and aids profit for the affiliate. It also helps to diversify the revenue sources of the already existing organisation. 

What Kinds of Businesses can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate links are adaptable enough as all kinds of businesses can use them to their advantage. This approach functions by sharing the referral links and codes with popular individuals and social media influencers in exchange for compensation for promoting their company. 

However, small businesses and startups are the best kind of business as they can benefit the most from affiliate marketing. This is because such businesses cannot invest a huge amount of funds in marketing and advertisement. So affiliate marketing proves to be a great option for them. 

Here is a list of the kinds of businesses that can use affiliate marketing and that can prosper by extracting benefits from it:

E-Commerce companies

This is a very popular form of business in today's world. Affiliate marketing structure is mostly used by e-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc. It helps such businesses to promote their products and services absolutely free of cost and they also become successful in attracting a large pool of customers. 

This approach saves the time and money that the company puts into planning advertisement strategies and funding them. Just the suggestions of the affiliate marketers are enough to convince potential customers to avail the products and services of The E-Commerce companies.

Consumer goods 

Businesses that deal with consumer goods such as electronic items, fashion clothes, home appliances and so on also benefit a lot from this mode of marketing. It helps the business dealing in consumer goods to sell the physical products in a more viable way. It saves such companies a lot of money that they put into advertising and paid campaigns. 

Promoting consumer goods with paid campaigns and advertisements involves a large amount of money. Affiliate marketing is a great approach if a company does not have a large number of funds to market its products in front of a huge pool of audience.

Travel companies 

Affiliate marketing is a strategy used by many travel agencies, hotels, and airlines to market their products and services. The affiliate makes it very easy for the brands to reach out to a dynamic variety of audiences. Travel and hotel business is all about gathering consumers and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of doing that.

As more people will become aware of travel agencies, airline companies and hotel brands they will think of availing of their services. This will automatically be the result of the recommendations of the affiliate marketers. Hence, the companies get the desired results without investing a single penny.

Finance Companies 

Various financial institutions also need some kind of promotion to reach out to people. The most common financial institutions that use affiliate marketing strategies are private-sector banks and institutions that provide consultancy services. It saves the funds that they put into advertising their services.

Financial institutions have grown very popular as people are indulging more in making investments. In such a scenario the common people need good financial advisors. To increase the popularity of Financial institutions, affiliate marketers promote their services so that they can effectively reach out to the audience at large.

Digital products

Organisations that carry out the business of digital products such as software, online courses, music applications, e-books etc use the strategy of affiliate marketing. It enormously lowers their marketing cost and tends to bring a large pool of consumers.

When everything is getting digitised, the best way to market digital products is to use a new form of marketing rather than sticking to the traditional advertising mode.  Advertising as a means of marketing is a fruitful affair but it is somewhat costly. On the contrary, affiliate marketers make the job of the marketing team of the company slightly easy as they do not have to strategise and invest more into marketing.


Affiliate marketing is an incredibly simple procedure that can be carried out through product reviews, blog posts, connecting to social media, conducting webinars, and referral links on websites and many other platforms. It is a new marketing frontier that is just waiting to be explored. If you want to become a marketing expert and join the exploration then sign up for the Advanced Certification In Digital Marketing And MarTech, IIT Roorkee by Imarticus.

The digital marketing IIT Roorkee certification course can be your best pick for learning the core concept of marketing. It will benefit you a lot to get a stronghold in the comparative marketing world.

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