What Does It Take to Be a Service Manager?

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What does a service manager do exactly?

A service manager is responsible for giving customers all the relevant information related to the goods or services that they are looking to rent or purchase from an organization.

They are also required to take part in the development and management of contracts with existing buyers who have a progressing and continuing relationship with the company.

They have various other responsibilities which include:

  • Working on helping sales staff improve their strategies thus training them to promote the brand and offer satisfaction to customers
  • Managing and creating invoices
  • Boosting sales by creating an improvement in hiring and training processes
  • Efficiently responding to customers' questions over the phone, through email or even in person.

What are the requirements a person must meet in order to become a service manager?

In order to fill in the position of service manager, one must possess a certain skill set and meet certain criteria. Some of the commonly required things are mentioned in detail below:

  1. Requirements:
  • Education: Most organizations prefer their employees to have a bachelor's degree, however, a high school diploma would normally also suffice. Service managers have the option of choosing between a degree in business or one in service management.
  • Training: Quite a few companies train their employees on the spot, giving them an entry-level job and building their skill-set in a span of two to maybe five years.
  1. Certifications: Some organizations prefer that their employees be certified before filling in the position of service manager. The various certifications that they can work towards earning are as follows:
  • Certified Service Manager
  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager
  • Certified Agile Service Manager
  1.  Skillset: Companies and organizations look for a certain set of skills in aspirants looking for a position in service management. The most important skills that are looked for are as follows:
  • Communication: Being in a position that requires a descriptive and convincing level of communication with clients and buyers while selling what their organization offers, is a skill that service managers must possess.
  • Product and industry knowledge: In most cases, service managers act as a portrait for a company, helping buyers paint a picture of the companies image. Thus being prompt of describing what the company offers is a very important part of the job, which would require complete knowledge of the company.
  • Problem-solving: Bridging the gap between the organization and its customers, survive managers must be prepared to face and handle complicated situations.

Other commonly looked for attributes are as follows:

  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Computer skills

With service management training, an aspirant will not only be fully equipped with all the required skills and information but will also be able to fill in the shoes of his or her position perfectly!

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