Keen to be a FinTech Expert? This program makes you think like a CEO running a FinTech company

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FinTech is a relatively new field that has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Thanks to new start-ups and technological innovations by corporate giants, FinTech is changing the entire financial services models. It has generated a lot of interest and jobs for people keen on pursuing an exciting career in this industry.

If you are looking to build a career in Fintech, then this article is for you.

Fintech course in IndiaIt covers a broad overview of FinTech, which includes:

  • About FinTech
  • Education qualification
  • Online FinTech courses
  • Skills required for FinTech career
  • Career path in FinTech
  • Future scope of FinTech

About FinTech

FinTech is a combination of two terms - financial and technology. It optimizes banks and financial institutions’ performance by assisting them in delivering quick services. It eliminates the need of relying on traditional methods by bringing a new dimension to the finance sphere.

People are increasingly turning online for everything. In the financial sector, this shift has given rise to digital banks, online payments, etc. These technologies make it easier for consumers to use their money from the comfort of their homes.

Due to its advantages, FinTech is becoming one of the fastest booming sectors of the economy and accelerating the ways the entire financial industry works.

Education Qualification

If you are interested in making a career in the FinTech industry, then the first step you need to take is to get a basic graduation degree. A degree with a specialization in marketing, computer science, mathematics, etc. would be a plus as it will provide you with a technical and analytical background.

Apart from the degree, a certificate course or diploma in FinTech would increase your chances of landing a good job in this industry. It is essential to have full-fledged knowledge about FinTech before starting your career journey in this domain.

Online FinTech Courses

Imarticus Learning offers a professional certificate in FinTech that provides hands-on training experience along with conceptual knowledge of this domain. The course teaches students through real-world case studies, cloud computing and blockchain projects, artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and interactions with FinTech experts.

The core modules of the program focus on broad coverage of the subject and include concepts like:

  • Introduction to BFSI & FinTech
  • Blockchain & Beyond
  • Cloud Computing & API Economy
  • Digital Transformation & RPA

 The pro modules will provide in-depth coverage of payments & lending through concepts like:

  • Payments - Consumer and Wholesale
  • Lending - Consumer and Wholesale
  • Use of Technologies in Payments and New Business Model
  • Use of Technologies in Lending and New Business Model

The course will equip students with knowledge of various domains like Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, API (Application Programming Interface), IoT (Internet of Things), etc.

Skills required for FinTech Career

FinTech is a dynamic space with new technologies coming up constantly. To become a successful FinTech expert, you need to possess certain crucial skills that will help you think like a CEO of a FinTech company. These skills include:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Programming skills
  • Team working skills
  • Financial knowledge
  • Communication skills

The FinTech course in India will help you master these skills and provide you the ability to apply these skills in the real-world business environment.

Fintech Course in IndiaCareer Path in FinTech

There are a variety of job roles that you can take after successful completion of your FinTech course and/or gaining some experience in this industry. The career path includes:

  • Design Thinking Specialist
  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Counsel
  • Process Automation Lead Developer
  • Blockchain Strategy Manager
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architect
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • RPA Project Manager

Future Scope of FinTech

The FinTech industry is currently in its early stage. Over the years, it is going to widen its roles and scope. A report by PwC suggests that 84% of insurers will enhance FinTech partnerships in the coming 3-5 years span.

It will give rise to a lot of lucrative career opportunities in this industry. The developing ecosystem, controlling valuations, and shifting regulations are likely to shape a positive future of this industry. If you are looking to make a career in FinTech, this is the right time for it.

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