What Are The Best Courses For Finance?

Financial Analyst course

Finance is one of the most sought-after education fields and short-term certifications in the domain are quite popular nowadays. These online finance courses provide a candidate with the necessary skills in a short amount of time and can be pursued conveniently along with studies or a job. Even if you are just looking to move up the ladder in the finance industry, these online finance courses can immensely help.

financial Analyst courseYou can opt for a financial analyst course or a chartered financial analyst course to give your career a necessary boost. Read on to know more...

Why Pursue a Course in Financial Analytics?

Financial analytics is used to provide different insights on financial data. It gives in-depth knowledge and helps take strategic actions against the problems to improve the overall performance of any business. Financial analytics is majorly a subset of business intelligence (BI), and enterprise performance management (EPM). It impacts almost every aspect of any business and is hence one of the most coveted fields today.


A chartered financial analyst course, or for that matter any of the good financial analyst courses will help you bag a good job in this field. Let’s discuss some courses for financial analyst jobs with the best financial analytics course syllabus available online.

Best Finance Courses

Here are some of the best online courses available in the field of finance:

Financial Analysis Prodegree

This course is offered in collaboration with KPMG, which is a leading professional service and accounting firm in India. This course in finance is hands down the best financial analyst course you can take up to either start a career in finance or just give a boost to your existing portfolio. It covers areas and topics of investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance in its financial analytics course syllabus and helps you learn job-relevant and field-related technical skills.

PGP in New Age Banking

The financial analytics course syllabus covers a wide range of topics and helps you develop various technical skills in the area of finance. The modern job of financial analyst requires candidates to be equipped with the correct and right training in this highly competitive market, to move up the corporate ladder. And, this course provides just that. It is certified by NMIMS and offers assured placement.

MBA in Investment BankingIt provides dual certification with an MBA in banking and finance management. Business economics, financial accounting, and analysis, marketing of financial services, corporate finance, financial institutions, and markets are just some of the topics covered under this program to boost your knowledge.

This course also covers topics like business communication and business law to make you even more eligible for jobs in the corporate sector.

As business analytics plays a very crucial role in evaluating the profit of any business, the demand for qualified professionals in this field is increasing. It is imperative that you choose a course for financial analyst which features a comprehensive financial analytics course syllabus, covering all essential topics. A good chartered financial analyst course will help you answer every business question related to the domain you are in and provide the best options for your company.

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