What do the best digital marketing courses have in common?

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What do the best digital marketing courses have in common?

The advent of technology has changed the way of human life. Everything is now available online, starting from your daily groceries to medicines to expensive jewellery. Hence, companies are now leaning heavily on earning their big bucks from online sales. And, to boost it even further, they are investing in digital marketing.

As a result, like traditional marketing, the digital version has also become a segment of its own. If the numbers from Statista are to be believed, then all the brands the world over will spend around $400 billion on digital advertising in 2022. Looking at the fact that digital advertising is just a small portion of digital marketing, these are big numbers.

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Owing to this push to go digital, companies are hiring expert marketers who can help them in generating more revenue. Hence, to meet the requirements of such trained professionals, the demand for digital marketing certification courses has skyrocketed in recent years. More and more people are enrolling to improve their job prospects.

What do the best digital marketing certification courses have in common? 

Now there are multiple digital marketing courses available in the market. But the curriculum remains almost the same across all of them. So, here is a look at some common pointers across all the courses to be aware of –

Fundamentals of internet marketing

Internet marketing or digital marketing or online marketing, or website marketing are the same things. If you see these terms, don’t get confused about whether they have any difference. Anyway, this is a form of marketing which utilises the reach of the internet for brand or product or service promotion through social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, Search Engines, Email or other digital channels like a blog or a classified website. Internet marketing teaches you how to use these resources to make a sale.

A good SEO course

SEO means Social Media Optimisation. In this digital marketing course, a student is taught how to promote their content or products through search engines. A good SEO course teaches you how to optimise or present your content in such a way that it ranks high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If your website is on the first page of an online search, then you can imagine how much traffic you can get, also without spending a penny on advertising. A good SEO course teaches you how to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO properly to push up the rankings.

A high-quality SMM course

Only SEO cannot bring in all the traffic to the website. You need other tools also to promote your products, services and brand online. Even the Google Search Engine rank depends upon the backlinks you have built. That is where SMM or Social Media Marketing comes in. This is purely a part of off-page SEO. But in recent times, its relevance has been increasing.

This can be a reason for the growing popularity of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and blurring differences between social media platforms of video streaming websites. That is the reason why a social media marketing course is as important as an SEO course and is an extremely important part of digital marketing.

Content marketing fundamentals course

Are you a popular YouTuber or a Blogger, or a Social Media influencer? Then you certainly must know what content marketing is all about. If not, this course includes making business goals for the content you are creating, managing the audience, researching what your competitors are doing and then auditing your present content. Another important point is that content marketing and SEO often work hand in hand, so it is advisable that you opt for a digital marketing certification course that includes the same.  

Google Analytics, PPC, Adwords and Adsense course

For monitoring and managing your audience, you need to analyse the insights of your content. This can be done with the help of a tool called Google Analytics. Then there is a paid advertisement tool which Google offers, and it is called Adwords, which also has a component called PPC (Pay per click) advertisements. There is also Adsense which is what powers payments for blogs and YouTube channels. Knowing these tools shall also help you in gaining knowledge of digital marketing.

To conclude, being aware of digital marketing and what it can do can be nothing sort of a blessing in the current market. With the inclination towards online services increasing every day, completing a digital marketing certification can certainly work in your favour. So, if you are looking to take up a course like this, then opt for either the PGP in digital marketing or Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and MarTech from IIT Roorkee from Imarticus Learning. 

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