What Career Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Wants To Become an Investment Banker?

What does an investment banker do?

Simply investments! An investment banker plays a pivotal role in an economy by offering valuable suggestions to corporations and governments. He is more of a financial advisor practicing in capital markets. The significant roles performed by an investment banker include helping clients to raise money by issuing bonds, arranging equity, purchasing securities and managing the risk associated with them.

The Career in investment banking 

The career in investment banking eventually became lucrative after the global financial crisis of 2007-08. The career begins from merely being an analyst to associate, account manager, director and the career reaches zenith ultimately at the stage of being a managing director (MD).

  • The analysts are usually given the task of preparing presentations and pitch books. They often have to deal with the analytical work in excel files and administrative jobs such as scheduling conferences and arranging excellent deals.
  •  The associates are responsible for the tasks same as those of an analyst. The only difference is that they often deal with the clients directly.
  • As the name says, an account manager maintains the accounts and is always in direct contact with the clients.
  • The senior bankers such as directors and MDs are the ones answerable for all deals and the success of investment bank.

How to become an investment banker?

While pursuing an undergraduate course, students can expose themselves to the job profile through internships in investment banks. This serves as a baby step for the future career. After graduating, one can join a firm and begin a career as an analyst. Usually, in 2-3 years, promotion is made to the position of an associate. Students having an MBA or a masters degree are often recruited directly to the post of investment associate. Degrees in commerce, banking and finance are what recruiters usually demand.

Other pre-requisites which add feathers in the cap of an investment banker are certain certifications. For instance, the designation of a chartered financial analyst (CFA) can result in a boom in the career of an investment banker. The essentials include excellent communication skills, multi-tasking skills, ability to churn brain for longer hours, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Investment banking course in Mumbai

  1. School of investment banking in Mumbai provides investment banking courses such as mastering in financial statement analysis, financial modelling etc. which serve as the building blocks in the career of a successful investment banker. It provides placements in firms such as Bank of America and Citi bank.
  2. IMS Proschool offers multiple courses to candidates preparing for candidates willing to enter the world of investment banks. Mention can be made of pot graduate program in investment banking and equity capital market, equity research analyst and financial modelling.

Investment banking courses in India

There are a plethora of institutes in India offering courses for an excellent career in investment banking.

  1. National stock exchange (NSE) of India provides certification in financial management. The candidate has to appear for an online test popularly known as NCFM. The modules for preparation are readily available on the website of NSE.
  2. FLIP certifications are handy in preparing for mergers and acquisitions and private equity.
  3. The wall street school(TWSS), Delhi has turned out to be the most preferred choice of students in the recent past.

There are certain other certifications in addition to CFA which if obtained lead to a glorious career. These include financial risk manager(FRM), certified financial planner( CFP) and chartered global management accountant( CGMA).

This is the ultimate guide for you to be an investment banker.

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