What are the Prerequisites to Becoming a Cyber Security Analyst?

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As the world is progressing at a formidable pace, people are becoming highly dependent on mobile computing and the internet for every procedure. The need for cyber security experts has increased rapidly to cope with the cyber threats that are swarming all over the internet. 

But the question arises, what is the need for a cyber security analyst? Hackers are now using new and sophisticated techniques to hack organisations' sensitive data.  Hence, it is compelling cyber security analysts to become creative with safeguarding the data. 

In this article, we are going to discuss who is a cyber security analyst, how to become a cyber security analyst, what their job entails and many more!

Who is a cyber security analyst?

The cyber security analyst is responsible for protecting the company's network and systems from any kind of cyber attack. They keep on researching about latest IT trends, creating plans with contingency reviews for any kind of suspicious activity and security breaches. They also have the primal responsibility to educate the company on valuable security measures. 

Additionally, cyber security analysts are the ones in charge of implementing any form of threat protection measures and enhancing security controls. They help in simulating every kind of security attack to find out potential vulnerabilities that might exist within the organisation. They also need to be very updated with the latest digital weapons as well as to be informed of various developments. 

Methods to Become a Cyber Security Analyst

cybersecurity courses

Since a job for becoming a cyber security analyst is in high demand, it is essential for the candidate to have a sound knowledge of information systems and networks. They should also have hands-on technical experiences as well and be updated with the latest cyber security training propaganda. 

Here are a few ways that vigorous training and practice can lead to becoming a cyber security analyst: 

Learning the fundamentals of cyber security 

Before you start dealing with the technical aspects that are needed to become a cyber security analyst, you should be aware of the current threat landscape. 

Technology is an ever-changing and ever-evolving phenomenon. With its evolving nature, it is important to understand the vulnerabilities and threats. 

The fundamentals of cyber security are as follows: 

  • Vulnerabilities in the Information Technology systems 
  • Anticipating and detecting threats 
  • Routing and switching 
  • Being aware of the network architecture and protocol 
  • Firewalls 

Practising the technical skills of cyber security 

Once you are well aware of the fundamentals of cyber security fundamental skills, it is imperative that you can apply your knowledge and practise the most common tasks in cyber security. This includes performing security audits, analysing the traffic in the network, securing information via encryption etc. 

Many cyber security online training labs simulate workplace environments so you can brush up on your knowledge. This will help with the opportunity to make cyber security training worthwhile and handle real-life challenges. 

A certificate in cyber security 

Taking a cyber security certificate course can help you study in depth about cyber security, current risks and digital tools used to guard against those attacks in the long run. Additionally, it can offer you an edge in interviews and make you stand out in the employment market. Even those without a technological background can benefit from it.

The certificates that are required to become a specialist in cyber security are: 

  • Certified Ethical Hacking Certification 
  • CISSP Certification 
  • CISA Certification 

Extensive research on the cyber security industry 

With its evolving discipline, technology is innovative and creative. In turn, the cyber attackers are taking advantage and coming up with creative tactics and work around. As a successful cyber security analyst, one must stay up on top of new developments in cyberspace. Once you grasp the newest trends in the security and information technology industry, you can ensure that your knowledge and skills are matching the industrial standards. 

Apply to different jobs in cyber security 

The professionals of cyber security are in high demand with a considerable lack of supply. There are many positions/jobs in cyber security and they are constantly growing with technology. 

The jobs are as follows: 

  • Cyber Security Engineer 
  • System Analyst  
  • Systems Engineer 
  • Network Engineer or Architect 
  • Vulnerability Analyst 
  • Penetration Tester 
  • Forensic Computer Analyst 
  • Chief Information Security Officer 

Salary of a Cyber Security Analyst 

The salary of cyber security analysts depends upon their qualifications and experience and certification. The demand for cyber security analysts is huge all over the world. The average salary of a cyber security analyst is ₹5,92,009 a year. 


Becoming a cyber security analyst poses a great many advantages. It does not only confine ethical hacking, but it also has a vast range of providing different security measures to ensure the organisation's security. 

If you want to do a PG in cyber security and get guaranteed cyber security training, check out Imarticus Learning's Certified Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security. It is an amazing opportunity for people with STEM and tech backgrounds. 

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